About evamillauer

I am a visual and performing artist, filmmaker and writer drawn to creatively engage the mystery of life, the beauty of unconditional love and the oneness of all there is....

Next introductory event coming up in Bristol

11th of November 2-6pm

This time we will give the whole 4 hours event to the exploration of the Universal Prayer for Peace with a break in the middle. There is currently so much heart-break about the horrors of wars and so much courageous speaking up about how humanity needs to learn how to treat every human being as an equal. The universal practice of Embodiment as the One Heart can beautifully support this process. Learn more about the event and buy a ticket.

New SEries of Local Introductory EVents

I am really excited about this upcoming series of Embodiment as the One Heart Introductory Events in Bristol.

The first one on the 7th of October is themed on Immersive Performance and you can find out more about it here.


12th of August!!!

Another Infinite Heart Dance is coming up! This time it will be four powerful creative beings magnifying the oneness invocation. It’s all been a little more short notice and later than originally hoped, but I have been spending some time this summer caring for my mother to help her recover after a stay in hospital. It was an intense and very special time with her. Spending much more time at home than usual, I had time to research and be inspired by Instagram and Tik Tok to support spreading “Embodiment as the One Heart” further afield. You can now find me under my full name ‘evamillauer’on these two platforms. So many new people have come this year to enrich the process in their unique and magical way. I am feeling very grateful. Lots of Love.

Details and tickets for the Infinite Heart Dance

Infinite Heart Dance

Dear ones,

I have uploaded beautiful photos and a wonderful trailer by the artist Raquel Blazquez, I absolutely love how the flow and the magic of the event is captured in her very artistic photography and film making. In gratitude to everyone who made this event so magical!

Especially after all the many things that happend that made us almost cancel the event!

Please subscribe to this website if you want to hear about the next Infinite Heart Dance. I will announce it soon.

Lots of Love to you!

Artist Resideny at the Vestibules

I have had a phenomenal time exploring what would happen if “Embodiment as the One Heart” has a whole space to it’s various creative expressions. What would it become? It became an exhibition, an invocation, a theatre set, a performative self-enquiry, an inspiration, an inter-active experiential space, a space for deep conversations and an opportunity for heartfelt being and in-depth connection. It became a space for feeling challenged also and for bringing awareness to how we put ourselves and others in limiting boxes. The time we have in the space was extended for a week, so you can still come and experience the exhibition and engage with it in ways you feel moved.

Click here for opening times.

Thank you for prompting a new way to stay connected

Since I have been experimenting with various options to offer the Foundation Course for sale, a number of subscribers have turned up on my website. Thank you!

I did get a bit confused, as I wasn’t sure what you were subscribing to, as there wasn’t a way yet to open an account for the learning platform! Some very kind staff member at WordPress Support explained to me, that subscribers will receive notifications of new posts I write!

I haven’t done blog posts for a while. But now I feel this is a fantastic new possibility to stay in touch, because I am not keen on writing regular newsletters that end up in people’s spam. I prefer to put out news only when there are some!

So thank you again, dear subscribers! you have prompted me to create a posts page, and I am grateful to be able to connect with you through it! I will write a post when there are important news.

Currently there is a lot going on:

I am adding audio segments to the Foundation Course, so it can be studied listening or reading in-between the videos.

I have had a great time making new friends world-wide during World Unity Week, and it was lovely to explore Embodiment as the One Heart on zoom again. Have you seen the film I submitted as on demand content?

Tomorrow I am visiting a local venue for an artist’s residency, and I have began to explore performing poetry expressing the oneness of all of life with beautiful people here in Bristol, I will soon have some videos to share.

Having a wonderful time exploring the poem “When there is Love , there is Love alone” with Lena in Bristol