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I am a visual and performing artist, filmmaker and writer drawn to creatively engage the mystery of life, the beauty of unconditional love and the oneness of all there is....

in the almost dark

and even in the almost dark
the earth has always only been light
there is only light


its the stillness
its the fullness
its the indescribable
I can feel you there where ever you are


pervading all the worlds


There was a dream of a kiss
and it was just like this
it went through and through in all the worlds


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True Connection










A tidal wave

all ideas
all presumptions
all sense of separateness seemingly holding a seeming someone in a seeming place

and it is named

(new photomontage and poem, February 2017)

humanity is one

another spontaneous poem and prayer, one of the ones I got up for very early in the morning, it is so simple, yet it seems like this can not be contemplated often enough:

the fall from love

A new way of working is beginning to emerge, spontaneously in the moment manifesting poetic considerations:

So far I have done a few on my own at home, some of which I recorded. It will be interesting to see how these evolve in response to people in the room and possibly their questions.


The fear of persecution is in my family genetics. My grandfather had to prove to the Nazis that he didn’t have any Jewish family members 400 years down the line in the family tree.

My grandmother refused to do the ‘Heil Hitler’-greeting and risked her life for it. I always carried this fear in my bones that speaking against injustice, or just not being on the right side of the fence for whatever unreal reasons can cost your life.

Well and here comes Donald Trump. It has become evident that it is not the time for staying silent, or to pretend a spiritual life can be lived ignoring the movements of the world today. He sure brings out the best in me, and the calling for truth in the moment is bigger now than my fears.

Hence here I found myself, speaking infront of hundreds of people at a demonstration against Donald Trump’s Muslim ban.


a self portrait is not a face…

…it is infinitely bigger than your face… And I found a way to honor my father’s death in the performance “The Cycle of Life or The Light Shines Ceaselessly”who had died in my arms.

I enjoyed this particular occasion so much, especially because of the inspiring conversations that evolved afterwards. I love the beautiful space at the Isbourne Foundation in Cheltenham and thoroughly enjoyed working with Lindsay Treen, as always. She is a creative gem, from whom I have learned lots.

Thanks so, so much to everyone who has made this evening possible.

With Love…

more videos of live dance-poetry offerings


A contemplative video inspired by Saniel Bonder’s beautiful poem “Presence” which I came across on Facebook one day. In gratitude to him for  the collaboration on this film and to everyone who made it possible. The footage used was filmed in the wonderful Randwick Woods near Stroud in Summer 2016.

a new video on ways of working

Why do I dance poetry? Why do I offer workshops? Find out more about me in this little video clip:

upcoming performance at the Isbourne Foundation 11/11/2016

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upcoming workshop at the same venue: 20/11/2016

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for more information on both events you can also visit the calendar on my page. Thank you!

the garden of light

I was practicing for the upcoming performance of “The Cycle of Life” (Isbourne Foundation, Cheltenham Nov 11th) today and in the midst of it a new poem made it’s way:
The garden of light
is forever flowering
in a myriad of forms
this is the dream
the worlds are rushing through
and all the madness and beauty is
the one who speaks
the brightest flower
has no shape but all
and these futile words are made
to pour nectar into the flow of life
into the heart-broken heart of love
that shines it all
suffers it all
nurtures it all
destroys it all
as is
wake up Beloved
wake up
as the garden of light forever flowering in its myriad of forms