One-to-One Sessions

In one-to-one sessions  I offer an intuitively guided opportunity to explore the universal heart as one aliveness and as creative expression in the body. You can book a session just to find out more, or work one-to-one with me on a regular basis alongside the study of the Foundation Course.

I never come into the room with a fixed programme. I really want to meet you and create a process with you, that works for you and is tailored to your current self-exploration and enquiry. There will always be the play with spoken word to assist us, as well as some movement (which can be very simple) and  you will be playfully and fully encouraged to enjoy your most wonderful and mysterious aliveness in creative expression in your unique and individual way.

Find out what speaks to you, what gets you going, what makes you move at heart. I offer a safe space to explore that freedom and to be that.

The way I work today has emerged over many years through my own intensive creative process and self-enquiry as well as the creative explorations with everyone I had the honor to meet through this work so far.

“I had a one-to-one with Eva Millauer and I was amazed at how profound it was – it was far more than I expected. It was subtle, yet it created a shift in me that I was delighted by, and honestly I have been floating with a deep sense of inner joy and love since the session. Eva is really a special woman and I feel confident to say she has something to offer anyone. Such beauty! Thank you so much! I am full of gratitude for the session and would recommend it to anyone! 💕” – Joy Lovesey

“I had a one to one with Eva and she holds a really beautiful space to allow that intelligence which is beyond rational thought to be expressed. I think movement and poetry are two very natural ways for the creative essence of the universe to be expressed through us, so it’s amazing to spend time with someone who has clearly done a lot of work to find that space beyond herself and allow words and movement to come into the space which opens in you, simply by being in her presence and home. She gave me practical advice on how to continue on my journey and what she does is much needed in the world. She is herself and simply holds a space for you to be yourself, free of judgement and the stresses of everyday life, she allows love to pervade through us, into the world, she is truly a very special human, I would recommend her work to everyone.”  – Bobby Ford

A one-to-one session lasts normally from one hour to one and a half hours and can take place in person locally. Skype and Zoom or FaceTime sessions are also available. The recommended fee for one session is £90/£70/£50 depending on what you can afford. If none of these fees are in your budget, please contact me anyway. I will have some opportunities to offer free sessions, or highly reduced sessions paid for by grants and donations.

Please contact me to arrange the session before you pay.

Or contact me here to arrange a booking, please mention your time zone.