Artist Residency at the Vestibules

Welcome to Boundlessness for Breakfast!

I am really looking forward to take up residency from the 23rd of September to the 8th of October at the Vestibules at College Green in Bristol on invitation by the charity Life Space Art Space.

You are invited into an experiential and immersive space of my lifelong passion:

the creative exploration of ‘the oneness of all of life’ embodied, spoken, acknowledged, explored: Universally, unapologetically, daring to jump into the unknown and into the unknowable, with warmth and laughter. 

As a performance and visual artist I will bring to you two decades of being absolutely mesmerized by the incredible potential of ‘Embodiment as the One Heart’ and the fact that I always seem to be just at the beginning of understanding what that means… and then the creative process takes me somewhere so much larger than what I could have imagined… and all ideas of beginning and end fall apart anyway.  

Let’s see where this artist’s residency takes us. I am grateful for the opportunity to spend time finding out where I am at with my work today, and how I will meet you through it. I will be joined  by various very talented and creative collaborators. 

You will be able to find the details of the work and how you will be invited to experience it on this page, which I will update as the work develops.

Will you share Boundlessness for Breakfast with me? -with Love, Eva Millauer

The space will be open from 12-5pm on the 8th of October, I will post details of performance times as the creative structure of “Boundlessness for Breakfast” emerges here on this page.

Creative Starting Points and Background:

Often it seems to happen that creative work needs a title before it is developed. When I began to search for one for this project, I found it in the video below. I had just been reviewing aspects of the ‘Embodiment as the One Heart’ Foundation Course, that contain various autobiographical work examples. In the video below from 2016, I read a script, that was intended for an art residency application, but then was never used. Interestingly enough a poem that has become part of recent creative experiments is embedded in the text. I really like the humour in this script, and the play between ‘the ordinary’ and ‘the extraordinary’. So here is what now turns out to be the spring- board for this up-coming creative adventure of “Boundlessness for Breakfast”:

Some beautiful students of “Embodiment as the One Heart” and I have recently began to experiment locally with the poem “When there is Love”, which happened to be embedded in the script above. We originally experimented with the creation of immersive spoken word experiences for Open Mic nights. And I am really excited to bring these powerful co-creative expressions of oneness to the Vestibules with my dear friends and collaborators.

Marie and Silvia after a session working with the poem above, will be joining me in the creative exploration at the Vestibules.

To experiment in embodied ways with this poem is also the first suggested exercise in the Foundation Course, so this co-creative opportunity is also a wonderful way to get a real feeling for what the practice of ‘Embodiment as the One Heart” is about.

The Universal Prayer for Peace, a poem I wrote in 2015, that has already been interpreted in various amazingly creative ways could also become part of “Boundlessness for Breakfast”.

It was first made into a co-creative video in 2019. I invited participants to bring the poem alive in which ever way they felt moved. It was an incredibly joyful exploration. The film has last been submitted to World Unity Week.

For the Caravan of Unity 2020, ‘Embodiment as the One Heart’ has facilitated a ‘One Heart co-creative Celebration for a Universal Prayer for Peace’. The project asked for participants to interprete the whole poem in their unique creative expression on video and through their cultural lense, and potentially translated into their language. So far we have videos in Urdu, Cantonese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French and English. Every video is unique in its creative ideas and expression.


Here is the poem as a word document: Universal Prayer for Peace

If you feel called to participate actively in this residency as a performer co-creating the immersive space or if you have any questions, please get in touch.