Artist Residency at the Vestibules


Welcome to Boundlessness for Breakfast!

The artist residency with Artspace Lifespace

took place from


at the Vestibules in Bristol, UK

Impressions filmed by Bryn Kenneth Webb, capturing the energy of the 4th live performance on the 8th of October. I was so moved by how ecstatic it was to collaborate with Marie and Silvia, as we share a beautiful capacity in embodied oneness through dedicated practice of Embodiment as the One Heart. Thank you everyone!

I have had a phenomenal time exploring what would happen if “Embodiment as the One Heart” has a whole space to it’s various creative expressions. What would it become? It became an exhibition, an invocation, an immersive theatre set, a performative self-enquiry, a dining room serving infinity cabbage -as Marie called it-, an inspiration, an inter-active experiential space, a space for deep conversations and an opportunity for heartfelt being and in-depth connection. It became a space for feeling challenged also and for bringing awareness to how we put ourselves and others in limiting boxes. The feedback to the performnaces was amazing and so was the feedback to the exhibition alone. I undersatnd now so much better, how creative expression can bring to life that bridge from heart to heart and I understand now, why just making images and hanging them into a gallery and talking about ‘the art’ was never really what exited me. It is the embodied experience of a ‘living’ room that makes me want to be there. This beautiful student just felt moved to engage with the exhibition:



What do we see when we cut a red cabbage in half?


Marie Svierk, one of the lovely co-creators in the space, experiencing the exhibition in a rather embodied way…


Marie and I really enjoyed developing the boundless breakfast scene


If you have any suggestions for for spaces we could bring Boundlessness for Breakfast to, please contact us: