Infinite Heart Dance

What a lovely surprise! @raquelblazquez sent me this beautiful video today she edited from the footage of the first Infinite Heart Dance on May 12th!

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meet us: DJ Archelon, Eva Millauer and Lena Leszczyc

Images from Infinite Heart Dance on May 12th in BriStol, UK:

(new dates to follow)

Images by Raquel Blazquez (artistic photographer during the session @raquelblazquez), Nikita Sarvade, Gulid Mohammed and Eva Millauer

The paintings of the dancers are by Sachin Babbar (@sachinbabbar)

Raquel: “It was so beautiful. And it made me really happy taking pictures and videos in that energy. It was difficult to stop taking pictures, all the creativity around was so beautiful. The movements the colours, the light… looking forward to more.”

Sachin: “The event was a fun and creative way to explore dance and self-expression. The event was unique. Eva’s words and sentiments helped to frame and add more meaning to the painting as I was painting the dancers.”

Nikita: “It was so healing, and I’m still feeling the effects of the energy unfolding within me! Thank you Eva for making possible the weaving of the magic together.”

The first Infinite Heart Dance in Bristol took place just before the lockdowns. Many more were meant to follow but the venue closed down and the lovely DJ I collaborated with moved away from Bristol. Since then I have been looking around for a new collaborator, but was rather unexpecting when I said to Jonah: I haven’t spoken to you yet tonight! Below you can see what came from this conversation:

get more of a feel for the dance journey with DJ Archelon and Eva

We will also be collaborating with the beautiful sound healer Lena Leszczyc who you have seen in the short trailer at the top of the page.

We will start with a meditative invitation into the experiential world of the body

We will then enter a dance journey guided by spoken word invocations of the oneness of all of life with Eva Millauer and DJ Archelon (Jonah Haywards). At any point of the event you can adapt the movements you choose to your capacity and what your body longs for.

We will end the evening with a few invitations to explore spoken word and movement and a guided sound journey with Lena Leszczyc.

Doors open at 7pm. The event will end at 10pm. We will need to leave the building by 10:30pm. You are welcome to stay whilst we pack up.

You are free to drop out of any processes that feel too challenging for you at any time. You can sit and watch if you prefer, when you want to. We will also have pens and paper there, in case some drawing or journaling feels right to you to engage in. We will have a supportive person at the event in case you feel the need to talk through difficult emotions that may come up for you.

Please bring a bottle of water and a yoga mat, cushion and blanket if you are likely to want to be more comfortable.

Important Access Information: The Island as two entrances, you need to find the side entrance to the building. It is currently under some scaffolding. Press the buzzer at the door, and you will be let in. The dance studio is upstairs to the left past the gallery at the very end of the corridor. Please do your best to arrive between 7pm and 7:30pm.

If you are coming by car and want to avoid parking fees, I recommend parking near City Road and walking down from there.

We are looking forward to seeing you there, with Love Eva, Jonah and Lena

Please buy your ticket online beforehand if you can, however you can pay cash at the door if necessary. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to attend Infinite Heart Dance, but can not afford the low income ticket fee. We will be able to issue some complimentary tickets based on individual agreements. Thank you!

Contact me for any other questions you may have.

Online ticket sales for this event are closed.