Foundation Course

‘The Embodiment as the One Heart’ Foundation course is a rich journey into the marvelous possibility for creative expression as life itself as one.

It supports the realigning of our understanding of physical manifestation to this truth. It is not about adopting beliefs of any kind, it is a process of in-depth enquiry, fully tapping into the wisdom of life, that is inherent in bodily existence. It is an invitation into your personal and unique journey, not a method, technique or applied dogma.

Equally we learn how and when we habitually withdraw from manifesting as life itself.

In this current time it is especially important that we discern between genuine mutual empowerment and manipulation into compliance with an agenda of power and control.

Humanity has a capacity to understand any form of conflict as an opportunity for evolutionary transformation of stuck dynamics into positive mutual empowerment.

Positive mutual empowerment means that there are always creative solutions to any perceived conflict that empowers the individual in all its uniqueness and the collective as one.

That neither means that the individual is free to do no matter what, nor that any presumed collective good becomes a suppressive force. It means that the understanding of all being one, naturally aligns to everyone being encouraged to be the most magical and co-creative version of who they can be, because that always is that person’s greatest gift to humanity as a whole. A collective in oneness will understand it’s role to create a safe environment for all to thrive, because everyone thriving in safety is in the best interest of the collective one of humanity also.

Dynamics of power and control, occur on all levels of human existence. It doesn’t matter if we try to control our anger, our emotions, our dogs, our children, our employees, the people of a country or the world. The idea of power and control always emerges from an idea of a threatened separate self that creates the idea of an external threatening world. As long as we suppress and repress life in any form we can not access the deepest reality of what is. This is why “Embodiment as the One Heart’ specifically develops forms of self enquiry, that make us aware of these dynamics and support the exploration of what is actually underneath the desire to control.

A profound and nourishing aliveness emerges when we are open to a truly creative investigation into not knowing. Solutions then tend to be bigger and better than any one individual was able to imagine. A co-creative enquiry allows for the necessary ideas to co-create to emerge freely.

The film below explains why it is so crucial for humanity to grow in understanding the oneness of all of life, as well as the oneness in separation that is perpetuated in an ultimately self-, life-and love-destructive manner:

The practice of “Embodiment as the One Heart’ can truly change the way you see yourself and the world. This can lead to profound and extremely ecstatic relevations, but also to feeling disoriented and uncomfortable. The habitual patterns of identifying as a separate entity will come up, as our brains have learned to protect us in this way. The deeper we go into this practice, the tougher the process can become. Often we tend to suppress feelings of despair, darkness, isolation and rage, as we have often learned to suppress those difficult emotions, and it can take time to embrace and transmute these fearlessly, instead of creating new layers of suppression: for instance by turning the beauty of no separation into a self-protected ‘surface entity’ again.

In the video below you will see how we will investigate how we may attempt to attach ‘identity’ to the learning process, and we will keep exploring how to authentically and humorously counteract that:

‘Embodiment as the One Heart’ provides guidance on very in-depth self-enquiry, but it always only supports you in being more and more able to take self-responsibility. At times it may be incredibly helpful or necessary to seek therapeutic support or other approaches to healing trauma for instance alongside the process, so it is very important to understand that “Embodiment as the One Heart’ never claims to have all the answers, neither is there a promise that any particular results will emerge from engaging in the practice. I myself often engage in inspiring courses of various kinds as different perspectives tend to bring new clarity.

So The Embodiment as the One Heart Foundation Course is a matter of heart calling to a profoundly boundless understanding of life, and an invitation to feel into, if a powerful, embodied, creative universal practice is for you. There will never be a sales pitch, as I am not selling anything to you. I can’t sell you the profundity of life, it is already yours.

It is my intention to build a community process with those of you who are keen to move from an established individual practice into a mutually supportive collective one.

The Foundation Course includes many videos, considerations and invitations to practical exercises. You can obtain it to study only, or you can study it alongside one-to-one sessions (a set of 4 or a set of 8 is recommended) to deepen the personal and experiential journey with the material. You can also meet for a donation based one-to-one session just to find out more.

After many considerations about finances I have decided that I will ask you to consider genuinely to pay what you can afford. I am not interested in making more money than I need to live a simple life and to do this work. I know many people are in existential havoc now and deeply frightened about basic existential safety. So I am happy to consider a financial contribution that works for you. I am also totally happy to take into account unaffordable global exchange rates. So please feel free to contact me from wherever you are if you can not afford the suggested scale of contributions.

If you are now intrigued to receive the free Introduction to the One Heart Foundation Course, please fill in the form below and a link will be sent to you. Alternatively if you would like to book a one-to-one session or ask some questions you can also contact me via WhatsApp: