Foundation Course

I am really excited to finally be able to post the video below, it is such a beautiful impression of the incredible journey some of the most eager trial students of the Foundation Course shared in, I am so grateful for this most rich exploration with everyone involved:

If you aren’t sure yet if the Foundation Course is for you, it may be an idea

  • book a one-to-one session to get an embodied understanding if you feel moved to go deeper into the process.

Please also consider the following before you decide to buy the Foundation Course:

‘The Embodiment as the One Heart’ Foundation Course is an invitation to explore boundless and exquisitely ecstatic, creative expression as life itself as one: through embodied invocation, spoken word, transmission and movement in your unique way.

It supports the realigning of our understanding of physical manifestation to the reality of life living as itself. It is not just about adopting an idea of unity. It is not about adopting beliefs of any kind, it is a process of in-depth enquiry into what simply is, fully tapping into the wisdom of life – into what is already you and already inherent in bodily existence. It is an invitation into your personal and unique exploration, not a fixed method, technique or applied dogma.

We literally consider reality beyond any and all beliefs.

‘Embodiment as the One Heart’ is exactly what it says it is, whilst being paradoxically beyond what can be described. Oneness of all of life can be self-evidently felt and is ultimately who we are.

In ‘Embodiment as the One Heart’ we align the body to the Transmission of infinite life and the verbal mind to the expression of this greater reality, instead of affirming ‘our separateness’. In this way word and movement turn into powerful collaborators in the creative process, and we begin to realise that this so-called physical realm may feel dense at times, but can be perceived as remarkably fluid and incredibly transparent nevertheless.

‘Embodiment as the One Heart’ allows infinite being to flow into the body from head to toe. So we invite infinity in, instead of looking for the Light ‘inside’. Eventhough the messages of the body are being explored in detail, the ideas of inside and outside melt away simultaneously. So for instance, my experience of typing these lines is not that there is an ‘I’ inside my body typing, yet I am very much sensing the finger tips touching the letters on the keyboard.

The paradox I have arrived at is, that the more fully I explore physical embodiment, the less identification there is with it.

Yes, I have found out that it is possible to invite this one reality of living aliveness and no-separation into the body and it is equally possible to refuse it, to totally withdraw from it. I have found that the journey of learning to align all of body, emotion, mind and being, leads to forever new discoveries of how life can be lead in exquisite creative discovery and profoundly rich intimacy of one being, whilst allowing the human heart with all its wounds to be embraced in vulnerability and fragility. In fact it is that unbounded light of being that keeps on chipping away at the many self-defenses and self-protective mechanisms, that I keep on discovering to be habitually unhappy and separative comfort zones.

inspired by a consideration with George Sargent-Childs

So yes, it feels equally important to recognise how and when we withdraw from manifesting as life itself, perpetuating patterns of separation. Because the more permission we give ourselves to be the reality of no-separation, the more our separative patterns will surface attempting to take over the process. We often hold beliefs that the totally uncontrollable freedom of being is not safe, whilst separative patterns only apparently keep us safe in an illusion that ‘we can control our lives’. But these self-limiting patterns that are transferred from human to human for thousands of years, are not supportive of individual and collective thriving.

Individually and collectively, profound and nourishing aliveness emerges when we are open to a truly creative investigation into not knowing. Solutions then tend to be more beautiful and better than any one individual was able to imagine. The art of free enquiry allows for the necessary ideas and insights to emerge freely.

The film below, which I made during the pandemic explains why it is so crucial for humanity to grow in understanding the oneness of all of life, as well as the oneness in separation, that is perpetuated in an ultimately self-, life-and love-destructive manner:

The practice of “Embodiment as the One Heart’ can truly change literally everything, and especially in ways that are more beautiful and better than what you could have wanted or imagined to want. It can lead to profound and extremely ecstatic revelations, but also to feeling disoriented and uncomfortable -at times- along the way.

The deeper we go into this practice, the more blissful and tougher the process can become simultaenously, as separative patterns begin to surface more and more over time. Often we tend to suppress feelings of despair, darkness, isolation and rage, and it can take time to embrace and transmute these fearlessly, instead of creating new layers of suppression: for instance by turning the beauty of no-separation into a self-protected ‘surface entity’ again. In my personal experience the separate-self-sense is very crafty and the more alert we are getting to it, the more sneakily and subtly it finds a way to take over, so it really helps to bring humour and play to the process.

In the video below you will see how we will investigate how we may attempt to attach ‘identity’ to the learning process, and we will keep exploring how to authentically counteract that:

The ‘Embodiment as the One Heart’ Foundation Course provides guidance on very in-depth self-enquiry, but it always supports you in adopting self-responsibility and creative initiative, and to keep developing ideas and ways of practicing that work for you, instead of offering methods and techniques per se with promised results.

I see myself as sowing a seed. I can offer you guidance, the insight into my personal process and inspirational experiments. The way this seed ends up growing… I am looking forward to finding out with you!

So ‘The Embodiment as the One Heart Foundation Course’ is a matter of heart calling to a profoundly boundless understanding of life, and an invitation to feel into, if a powerful, embodied, creative universal practice is for you. There will never be a sales pitch, in the sense that I will never attempt to convince you to purchase the Foundation Course. I am not selling ‘a product’ to you. I can’t sell you the profundity of life, it is already yours!

I am offering this exploration to you, as I can not even begin to say how deeply liberating it has been to develop and explore and experiment for the last two decades. I sense that in the future there will be a deepening and evolutionary continuous process, the more humans can authentically bring their unique gifts to the practice of ‘Embodiment as the One Heart’ and share and inspire each other in it.

The zoom study group process will then be offered to those of you who are keen to move from an established individual practice into a mutually supportive collective one, eventually engaging in all sorts of new ideas to deepen the exploration, that any one of us may have, and to develop co-creative projects, films, performances, co-written books etc.

As accessability is very important to me, I offer the Foundation course in exchange for three different options of financial gifts that you can choose from according to your income. My heart wish is that I will be havining enough income coming in to not only support my human life on earth, but to also expand the creative work of Embodiment as the One Heart. The more people buy the course , the more often I can afford to offer to work with people for free where a financial exchange is not possible, for instance because of very limited funds or extortionate exchange rates. If you are now keen to become a student of Embodiment as the One Heart please view the purchase detail below. If you are in such a situation, please contact me and let’s have a conversation.

With gratitude.