This page is still work-in-progress. Embodiment as the One Heart is becoming a continually more and more co-creative exploration. There is so many branches to the tree now, that it becomes quite difficult at times to organise the many projects in such a way you can get an overview.

But it was very much time to dedicate a page to all the many beautiful collaborators that have given their creative voice to the expression of the Oneness of all of Life. If you have any ideas for another project feel free to get in touch. With deep gratitude to everyone in the list below. My the dance of oneness spread across planet earth to more and more brothers and sisters.

Lucia Cifres and Silvia Stanciu

a spontaneous open mic at Love Jam Bristol, the sound was not great, Silvia Stanciu and Lucia Cifres (both are Foundation Course students) and me walked through the audience saying ‘being as is’

DJ Archjelon, SAcchin Babbar and Raquel Blasquez

At this Infinite Heart Dance with DJ Archelon Sacchin Babbar did beautiful paintings of the dancers and the artist Raquel Blasquez made this beautiful video for us.

DJ ArcheLon

DJ Archelon and practicing for an Infinite Heart Dance

Silvia Stanciu

Silvia Stanciu and I offering an Open Mic collaboration on International Womensday in Stroud

Maria Svierk and Silvia Stanciu

Collaboration with Maria Svierk and Silvia Stanciu during the artist residency at the Vestibules

Ayaz Kazi Mahesar and Sundara Sofer

my first collaboration on zoom with the mystic poet Ayaz Kazi Mayesar and Sundara Sofer playing the handpan

Many Participants

The original Universal Prayer for Peace Collaboration from 2019 with many participants

Lindsey Treen

A collaboration originally happening for the Site Festival in Stroud with Lindsey Treen

Aidan Pinsent

my first opportunity to dance to my images in an exhibition collaborating with Aidan Pinsent

The Raga Babas and Girish Patel

A collaboration with Girish Patel and the Raga Babas

Mark Holub and Aura Bakker

A collaborative performance with Jazz drummer and Composer Mark Holub and singer Aura Bakker