the essence

what is unique about the way I work?

how have the ways I work manifested?

Being very artistic, creative expression has always been motivated by an intuition of infinite being and a sense that the presumption of separateness is tremendously painful and not real. Already as a child I expressed these considerations in drawings and in poetry. I have also always been an ecstatic dancer.

More than fifteen years ago I felt profoundly moved to explore the deepest and most challenging spiritual poetry I could find in relation to dance, movement and stillness. It was the type of poetry that leaves no room for any sense of separateness.
From then on the process of uncovering true dance in oneness began to clear out  the rubble of presumptions of separateness that made up the entity I presumed to be.
Exploring this profound  poetry led me over time into  processes of being creative that made dropping into oneness easier and easier. Eventually I discovered that I can offer the gift of gently guiding people into their  unique creative expression of the indivisible beauty of the one heart  in whichever  way it manifests through them.
I have come across nothing more ecstatic in human terms than the creative expression which is simply free to be an expression of limitless profundity,  a creative expression which flows freely without being bound by style, or rhythm, or technique, or cultural inheritance, yet incorporating numerous cross-cultural art forms and styles of working simply aligned to the truth of oneness.
Any collaboration I have been fortunate enough to participate in which had this quality described was an ecstatic and wonderful opportunity of experiencing being human at an extraordinary level of depth and love. Once this is discovered nothing else could be attractive for real.

I offer one-to-one sessions on Skype and locally in person as well as workshops. I am based in Bristol, UK


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