The oneness of all there is is already present. It already is you, it already is me. It already is. What happens when we simply presume that we can embody as fullness, as non-separation, as unconditional love? How can creative expression be of service in this process?

That is what I have been exploring since the first direct encounter with total and utter non-separation after meeting the Spiritual Teacher Adi Da Samraj.  The continuous development of spiritual understanding has always been  assisted by a creative process in visuals, words and movement (more on that in my bio). For many years I have persistently done my own creative research and also with wonderful and inspiring people… and it has been mind-blowing, magical, profound and yes challenging, too, but challenging in a liberating way.

At some point over the years I realized that the reality of non-separation became more and more easily accessible and that I was able to be present as that no matter what tough times I had just before a performance or a retreat. I learnt to trust that fully.

Eventually in February 2019 my body opened into being a permanent home for heart consciousness. At first it felt strange as I was used to the heart centre feeling like it will explode my rib cage at times and now suddenly there seemed to be nothing but that profound clarity and that remaining of constant vulnerability. I could feel that the transmission of unconditional transcendental heart energy was stronger, and the way I could express it in the moment was more powerful  than ever.

I am here to be of service to humanity’s evolution into the embodiment of heart consciousness for the sake of all living beings and for the sake of planet earth and the creation of a human realm of peace and a thriving natural world.
poem over paintingclean

My vision is ultimately for all of humanity to come together as one, as non-separate, as cooperative, as tolerant and as love. I strongly sense that once humanity grows into the understanding that there is only one universal process and that there is no way to get away from the destructive consequences if we don’t learn to value all life equally everything will change.  In the understanding of global oneness humanity will naturally choose world peace and sustainable and mutually supportive relations across the planet and across all species.

Since January ’18 I have set up spaces for mutual creative empowerment in and as the heart. To find out about the next opportunity please visit the page creative retreats. Anyone welcome from any walk of life.  You can also book me for an inspirational spoken word and dance offering, or buy any of my digital montages in support of my work. I accept invitations to suitable festivals, exhibitions, conferences and celebrations where I can perform, (also to exhibited digital photo montages in gallery spaces) give talks, offer introductory “Embodiment of the Conscious Heart” sessions or a combination of all of these options. I also offer one-to-one sessions locally in Bristol, UK or online.


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