Who am I?

Who am I when the belief in an ‘I’-entity dissolves?

Who are you when the belief in an ‘I’-entity dissipates?

Who and what is?

Just is?

Eva Millauer

Welcome to Embodiment as the One Heart!

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My name is Eva Millauer. I am a visual and performing artist. The question of what life is about and creative expression have always been one process for me. I have explored the beauty of oneness in creative embodiment for the last two decades. Always growing, always learning. Continuously experiencing new beginnings. Always surprising myself.

Let me begin to introduce myself via the header of this website. It communicates the same message visually four times within different dimensions of seeing and being.

The first image to the left is a symbolic image of the totality of existence as one, which includes not only the complementary yet polar opposite of Light and Dark, but also the slim space in which separation operates. I created this image digitally as part of the process of developing the ‘Embodiment as the One Heart’ Foundation Course. This image communicates that not even the most intense, darkest and starkest experience of separateness is actually separate from the oneness of all of life.

The second image is a self portrait. Originally it was a ball pen drawing I made at art school many years ago. I copied it on transparent foil and then placed it on photographic paper in an original, pre-digital black and white photo-lab. I then had a negative of the original image. I cut it in half to join it with the positive. Only a short while ago I realised that this collage was actually about an experiential possibility. The image represents the oneness of Light and Dark in human form, in embodiment.

This lovely heart drawing was made by my god-daughter Roseanna Elliott in response to participating in the Universal Prayer for Peace project for the Caravan of Unity in 2020 when she was ten years old. She beautifully unites the one body of humanity in the one heart. She kindly gave me permission to integrate this lovely image into the banner.

The last image is of an altar I recently made. I found these three figurines in a thrift-store all on the same shelf. They couldn’t have been more polar opposite, yet utterly complementary. I had a black tray with the orchid print, that I felt would make a lovely shrine for something, and I kept it for that purpose. The white circle is a ceramic coaster I stuck onto the black background to represent the all outshining Light of one reality. This altar is about the total embrace of all arising. It includes the beauty of Love and oneness and embraces the neglected and denied parts that are still hiding in separation. This is often what we want to ignore as we see it as dark, negative and ugly. This altar reminds me to give myself the permission to embrace everything that arises as a gift and an opportunity for enquiry and integration.

As you can probably tell already, I love creative expression in numerous forms. When I made and make films they have the purpose to draw us beyond the idea of separation. I create digital photomontages and poetry with the same intentions. But one of the most important explorations for me was the in-depth artistic exploration of how to embody powerful non-dual poetry. I was initially just considering how to dance without being a separate dancer.

I was always looking at being an artist in radically life-transformative ways. Initially I had no idea that this creative consideration would turn more and more into an incredibly inspiring exploration of how human beings can be together, literally manifest as one being whilst everyone shines in their creative uniqueness. The more I realised that, the more moved I felt to share it. And the more I shared it, through creative projects, performances, one-to-one sessions or group work, the more I learnt and am learning about it.

The practice of embodied oneness allows for an organic process of integration of any pattern that feels still separate. Mysteriously, when we approach anything from the reality that there is no separation, there is nothing that can not be aligned to that. We learn to see heart break, despair, anger, sorrow, grief and fear as welcome guides to uncover deeper levels of what we may have felt safer to disown in the past.

The practice of embodied oneness also looks at ways that separative patterns may want to hijack the process. The infinite aliveness of incomprehensible beauty suddenly becomes ‘our field’. May be we start covering up a buried sense of unworthiness, nurturing a new identity: We are now an ‘important savior of the world’ or an ‘advanced being of the highest spiritual capacity’. The separate ‘I”- idea has begun to sneak itself into the practice of Embodiment as the One Heart and to limit it. But this is not what Embodiment as the One Heart can ever be about, even though it may have very real significance to you, humanity and the world. Embodiment as the One Heart is truly about learning to stay alive as the capacity of freedom as is without creating new forms of separateness. Creative play is a remarkable possibility to bring humor, laughter, acceptance, warmth and non-judgement to all these considerations, be it the most mind-blowing oneness, be it embodying beyond any reference, or be it playfully expressing the withdrawal into beliefs of separation.

The video below may give you a sense if you resonate, I have very recently cut my hair very short, just so you know, so just so you know, the person in the picture on top of the page and the person in this video are the same:

The Course being briefly mentioned in the video above is the ‘Embodiment as the One Heart’ Foundation Course. It is an in-depth exploration of the practice of embodying as life itself and also supports an enquiry into patterns of separation. You can study it online. Read more about it here.

Thanks so much,

Eva Millauer


Eva Millauer and Embodiment as the One Heart is a member of the Association for Spiritual Integrity.