The natural expression of the body is oneness with all there is!

-Eva Millauer

Welcome to Embodiment as the One Heart!

My name is Eva Millauer. I am a visual and performing artist. The question of what life is about and creative expression have always been one process for me. I have explored the beauty of oneness in creative embodiment for the last two decades. Always growing, always learning. Continuously experiencing new beginnings. Always surprising myself.

When I made and make films they have the purpose to draw us beyond the idea of separation. I create digital photomontages and poetry with the same intensions. But one of the most important explorations for me was the in-depth artistic exploration of how to embody powerful non-dual poetry. I was initially just considering how to dance without being a separate dancer.

I was always looking at being an artist in radically life-transformative ways. Initially I had no idea that this creative consideration would turn more and more into an incredibly inspiring exploration of how human beings can be together, literally manifest as one being whilst everyone shines in their creative uniqueness. Since 2019 I have been considering various unique creative processes with groups of inspiring people on zoom. From these explorations the experimental One Heart Community emerged and has gone through much depth of co-creative explorations and learnings since then. Recently it has become clear how very profound and thorough the consideration of ‘Embodiment as the One Heart’ needs to be, and that it requires an in-depth understanding of how patterns of separateness are likely to surface in the unfolding of embodied oneness. Hence I am currently developing a Foundation Course for those beings who truly and deeply resonate with this offering. through the video below you can get a feeling for the shared vision that emerged during experimental and free-flow sessions of creative play in embodied oneness.

For an extended version of this video and others giving you an impression of the One Heart Community please visit the Global Community page.

The Foundation Course I am developing now, will look at how to align spoken word and movement to the beauty of no-separation and it will also explore creative tools and supportive practices to integrate patterns that may arise during the process that feel so very separate and and can be overwhelming. 

What I have heard time and time again from people I have met in this mutual recognition of all of life being one, is that it is like tapping into a completely new creative potential of how to be human and how to live life. Just like me some people feel that turning inside for answers somehow doesn’t motivate them anymore and I have met people that share with me in that feeling that the more we tap into the ecstatic aliveness of the oneness of all there is, the more the established patterns of separation hurt. So the course being created will be in support of those of you who resonate with what I just shared. And in that recognition of all being one it is so very evident that humanity can co-create a world that is safe, sustainable, life positive, mutually empowering and respectful of all of life.

The vision of “Embodiment as the One Heart is to develop that co-creative voice of truth as one, so we can begin to establish true human integrity and live in peace and harmony with one another, the earth world and all its inhabitants. Let’s come together and empower each other, so humanity can grow into a vibrant sign of infinite life, limitless creative potential, profound beauty and love in the understanding that there is only one, like in this example of the One Heart Community’s contribution to the Caravan of Unity 2020.

Connect if you feel moved to be part of the development of “Embodiment as the One Heart’, or wish to collaborate in any way. With Love and gratitude,

Eva Millauer


Eva Millauer and Embodiment as the One Heart is a member of the Association for Spiritual Integrity.