The natural expression of the body is oneness with all there is!

-Eva Millauer

Welcome to Embodiment as the One Heart! You may ask yourself what this is all about…

We have come quite a long way since the beginning of 2020 when this video below was made, but it still is a useful introductory video. The One Heart Community, which just began to take shape at the time has evolved in beautiful ways since. It is an online community with plenty of educational resources, where participants can connect in and outside various zoom sessions, and where we can consider and conduct global co-creative projects and keep on evolving in organic ways. This website has a wealth of resources too, you can find out more about the creative vision and journey that kept on and keeps on expanding in unimaginable ways.


A deep calling to really understand the nature of oneness was woven into my childhood and teenage years. The spiritual quest into the meaning of life was the theme of all my creative work studying Visual and Performance Arts. The emphasis of the creative research was expressive movement and experimental film. After I left University I concentrated on deepening in spiritual ways. The most significant occurrence of this time in my life was a radical opening into reality as incomprehensible aliveness as one informing my life and work ever since. For the last two decades I researched how to fully embody oneness consciousness through the heart and the self-organising principle of creative expression as one, embracing all diversity.

Below a video I made with George Sargent-Childs demonstrating some of the principles of Embodiment as the One Heart:

It appears to become easier and easier to connect with people who have a deep heart urge to shine as expressions of the heart of one living aliveness. We have never been separate and more and more people just know.

Let’s give that truth a voice, collectively as one so we can begin to establish true human integrity with all of life and live in peace and harmony with one another, the earth world and all its inhabitants. Let’s come together and empower each other, so humanity can grow into a vibrant sign of infinite life, limitless creative potential, profound beauty and love in the understanding that there is only one, like in this example of the One Heart Community’s contribution to the Caravan of Unity 2020.

With Love and gratitude,

Eva Millauer on behalf of the One Heart Community


Eva Millauer and Embodiment as the One Heart is a member of the Association for Spiritual Integrity.