the heart out loud

Next event in Bristol April 22nd. More info in upcoming events.


 IMG_2998my creative purpose

The oneness of all there is is already there. It already is you, it already is me. What happens when we embody as fullness, as non-separation, as unconditional love, and how can creative expression be of service in this process?

That is what I have been exploring and am exploring and will be exploring as long as I physically can in this body assisted by visuals, words and movement. I have done it for a long time on my own and also with wonderful and inspiring people… and it has been mind-blowing, magical, profound and yes challenging, too, but challenging in a very good way.

You may call me an artist, or a performer or both, but I am not terribly interested in just exhibiting my work, nor am I craving an audience that looks at me, no. I don’t want admiration.

I am not easy to please… or you could say I am extremely easy to please… what I truly treasure is when I can be of assistance in opening a new door for you into the creative embodiment of the wonders of who we are. And to truly meet you there is the most delightful gift to me.

I don’t know any greater joy than sharing the beauty of who and what and how we can be.

my vision:

My vision is for all of humanity to come together as one, as non-separate, as cooperative, as tolerant and as love. I am looking for those who want to share exploring to be a creative seed to this process and create in and as embodiments of the indivisible beauty of the one heart of all.


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