Dance-Poetry Offerings

On this page I am starting with the last  developments on top of the page:

Since mid 2019 I started to work more and more online and with groups and was less drawn to develop live performances. Experimenting with the development of a ‘One Heart Community’ and facilitating the Caravan of Unity “Universal Prayer for Peace”- project kept me busy until late September 2020. When I was invited to bring the Universal Prayer for Peace to the Opening Gathering of the Conscious Evolution Summit, I had a wonderful opportunity to experiment with video projection and live performance on zoom for the very first time:

In March 2019 something wonderful happened. For the first time there was a collaboration of several reciters and musicians and myself supported by the Raga Babas in Stroud and it felt like a significant step into the powerful beauty of a collective creative process as one, that I was envisioning for so long, in an improvisation during International Womensday I said that “the beauty of the heart is coming”! And looking back how much has happened in the last six months since then, yes it is indeed!

Since the end of 2017 I have felt increasingly moved to offer dance-poetry encounters completely spontaneously. I felt the urge to be able to respond in the moment to whoever is there. I explored this way of working at a number of Poetry nights, Story Telling nights and other opportunities, mainly in Bristol. I was intrigued to explore how accessible  the ‘consideration of oneness of all there is’ can be by exploring it in universal ways in different contexts. It was a phenomenally exciting process, of which only some footage exist. Some occasions felt so intimate and personal, that filming wouldn’t have felt right.

The two videos below are spontaneous excerpts of spontaneous performances at “The Indivisible Beauty of the One Heart” workshops, before these events evolved into “Embodiment of the Conscious Heart” creative retreats.

.”The Cycle of Life” a scripted selection of poems linked to digital photo montages, performed at the Isbourne Foundation in Cheltenham, Nov 2016, the movement and Lindsay’s musical elements were freely improvised.

“A Consideration on Love” offered at a Steve Ford Intensive, Henley July 2016, this piece was half spontaneous, half scripted… I was playing freely with a umber of poems in the space.

“A Universal Prayer of Peace”, a poem I wrote that is very close to my heart, a collaboration with Lindsay Treen and Simon Howell, offered at a Vigil for Peace, St Laurence Church, Stroud June 2016 (rehearsal), again the poem was scripted, but everything else was improvised.

Excerpts from “A Cycle of Life” interwoven with quotes by Steve Ford, which I picked up during the retreat and spontaneously built into this offering in Henley, May 2016

The original version of the piece “A Cycle of Life”, a collaboration with Lindsay Treen as part of the Site Festival, Stroud April 2016, you can find the script with the images in digital photomontages and poetry.

Collaboration with Aidan Pinsent for the “In Awe” exhibition at 35 Chapel Row, Sheffield, December 2015, I exhibited three digital photo montages and performed poems to them.

“Eva…artist, poet and philosopher, who danced under the moon and reflects the sunlight into the shadows of the night”. – Aidan Pinsent, Musician and Collaborator

“Eva’s performance really transformed the space of the gallery, creating a fully immersive
experience for the audience, which brought her photomontages to life with spoken word poetry and graceful movement along with Aidan Pinsent’s accompanying interpretive music. Eva completely and wholly engaged the audience in the performance, pulling them into the ethereal and emotionally charged world that she created. General feedback from viewers was that they found the performance beautiful and challenging, with some almost being moved to tears. In the wider context the performance, artwork and poetry create existential questions about the beauty of life, and our place in the universe”. – 
Becky Gee & Liz DickinsonIndependent Curators of Contemporary ArtSheffield, UK.

collaboration with Girish Patel for the Stroud Sacred Music Festival 2015

“The beauty of Eva’s dance form goes beyond the physical into a deep place of peace and heartfelt understanding.” – Sue Bharati Edgley, Stroud, UK

“Watching Eva interpret profound texts through her dance is to uncover new depths to humanity’s desire for the Divine. Through her remarkably skillful, yet free-spirited movements we catch a glimpse of a more beautiful world – a world where the Divine and all who flow from that Source are one. It is a profoundly hopeful experience.” – Rev Simon Howell, Team Vicar, Pioneer Minister & Inter faith Adviser, based in Stroud, UK