One Heart Global

The Caravan of Unity, 1st – 22nd of September 2020

Caravan of Unity flyer

I have been amazed and deeply touched by the many wonderful creatives who have contributed to this incredibly diverse voice of one humanity and one heart in their so very unique ways. It was and is an incredibly alive and ecstatic process with all of you, that I am deeply grateful for.
To find out more about this rich creative project please visit the Caravan of Unity page.





Global Peace Film Festival 2020

The Universal Prayer for Peace was made into a co-creative production in 2019 and later shown at the Global Peace Film Festival.

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Conscious Evolution Summit 2020:

On invitation by the lovely Puria I presented a new exploration of the Universal Prayer for Peace, exploring the oneness-play through recitation, movement and visual art. The performance below happened live on zoom.