Local Introductory Events

There will be a monthly Embodiment as the One Heart Introductory event in Bristol during autumn 2023- spring 2024 and then we will see what may have evolved from these occasions. So these monthly events may continue beyond May 2024, may be they will turn into outdoor gatherings for the summer.

Every session will have a particular theme and often be a collaboration. Several of them are already beginning to emerge. I also hope we wil schedule one or two other Infinite Heart Dances. I will allow the themes to clarify themselves over time. The events will be regularly updated.

You can subscribe to this website if you want to be reminded of these events upcoming and hear what their particular focus will be, when the schedule has been updated.

All Introductory Sessions will run from 2-6pm (unless changes are announced), they happen on the first Saturday every month apart from the November session:

Venue: 58th Scout Hall, Gadsville Rd, Eastville, Bristol BS5 6PU


October 7th:

In this session we will explore simple principles of immersive performance. How is the oneness of all of life tangibly invoked through spoken word, simple movement and choice of location and relationship in space? How does a group performing as one or receiving a performance as one impact on the process? No previous experience is required. As always in Embodiment as the One Heart events you will be given a lot of choice in how far you want to stretch beyond your comfort zones. So you do not need to be a confident performer to attend.

Please bring a bottle of water. If you prefer bring some tea bags of your favourite tea and snacks. Simple snacks offered at break-time will be vegan, sugar and wheat-free.

November 11th

December 2nd


January 6th

February 3rd

March 2nd

April 6th

May 4th