one-to-one sessions

In one-to-one sessions  I offer an intuitively guided opportunity to explore who we really are as creative expression in the body.

I don’t come into the room with a fixed programme.  I really want to meet you and I decide in the moment, what type of creative explorations we embark on. There will always be profound spoken word to assist us as well as movement and  you will be playfully and fully encouraged to enjoy your most wonderful and mysterious aliveness in creative expression in your unique and individual way.

Find out what speaks to you, what gets you going, what makes you move at heart.

I offer a safe space to explore that freedom and to be that.

The way I work today has emerged overtime through my own intensive creative process and self-enquiry as well as the work with everyone I had the honor to work with so far.

Since January 2018 I also offer monthly retreats  at the Theosophical Society in Bristol, and since October 2018 in stroud as well. For dates and details please see upcoming events.

comments from previous participants:

“Wonderfully awesome, lovely, magic and enlightening.”

“You are an inspiration, you made me feel amazing, thank you so much.”

“Beautifully led. Yes you are an inspiration and inspirational.”

“Thank you very much. Amazing to connect with others through movement.”

“What you offer is exquisite.”

“This was not a workshop, I have encountered myself.”

One-to-one sessions are £50 per hour, Skype sessions are also available. Contact me to arrange an appointment. Concessions can be agreed.

You can register your interest to be informed about upcoming retreats or contact me for one-to-one sessions in Bristol or via Skype here: