a self portrait is not a face…

…it is infinitely bigger than your face… And I found a way to honor my father’s death in the performance “The Cycle of Life or The Light Shines Ceaselessly”who had died in my arms.

I enjoyed this particular occasion so much, especially because of the inspiring conversations that evolved afterwards. I love the beautiful space at the Isbourne Foundation in Cheltenham and thoroughly enjoyed working with Lindsay Treen, as always. She is a creative gem, from whom I have learned lots.

Thanks so, so much to everyone who has made this evening possible.

With Love…

more videos of live dance-poetry offerings


A contemplative video inspired by Saniel Bonder’s beautiful poem “Presence” which I came across on Facebook one day. In gratitude to him for  the collaboration on this film and to everyone who made it possible. The footage used was filmed in the wonderful Randwick Woods near Stroud in Summer 2016.

dance offering at a day intensive with Steve Ford

HenleyI had the wonderful opportunity to offer a dance-poetry-visuals contemplation at a day intensive with Steve Ford on the 30th of April 2016.

It was a very beautiful and in-depth day with him.

From the morning occasion I wrote down two things he said, which stood out to me:

IMG_5193 (1)


“You can not ask the reflection in the mirror to take you home”


“you can not be more than what you already are.”

I deeply connect with the profundity of those two ‘statements’ and I felt they flowed beautifully with my poetry. So I spontaneously interwove them into the offering.

The consideration around art and performance has always been for me to contemplate reality. Reality in the sense that there is no separation.

The remarkable occurrence of creating art in this way is that no shape or form has to be fixed… and work can always flow, breathe, change, take on millions of different forms, is limitless and totally alive… it can not be owned… as long as the communication is non-separation there is no possibility of cultures clashing… anything is possible… any participation in millions of ways.



“The Cycle of Life” second performance 22nd of April 2016

The Cycle ofLife April 22We had a wonderfully ecstatic evening last night. The room felt thick with blissful silence at the end of the performance…and it would have felt wholly appropriate to extend the evening into an hour of silent meditation.

The Cycle ofLife April 22_2

The audience was extremely responsive, which made the occasion incredibly joyful and really supported the performance to become more and more ecstatic and powerful.

The Cycle ofLife April 22_3

The feedback we received was very happy and pretty phenomenal:

“I was transported into pure being”

“it was extremely powerful”

“this was very unique and special”

“this was such a gift”

“I could have watched you all night”

“Lindsay and you work together so well”

are some of things I remember, and I was just overjoyed by the happiness that was communicated in many different ways.

The Cycle ofLife April 22_4


in the softness of the heart

I meet you there 

with great delight”

This is literally what I most enjoy doing…

I can’t wait to do the next one… thanks so much to the Site Festival team to take our piece on board, (before it even existed!) and thank you so much Lindsay for the wonderfully enjoyable collaboration, thank you Miles for all your support and thanks to my mother for all help with this… and a deep thank you to everyone who shared the experience of “The Cycle of Life” with us so far… may there be many more events like this one…and may the process grow into a larger group of participants over time…

with Love, Eva




Stroud, Site Festival

Yesterday on the 16th of April, Lindsay Treen and I had our first performance. It was a very enjoyable occasion, which I felt deeply uplifted by. I enjoy creating art so much in which I can share a vision of a world… in which we humans create more beauty, a lot more beauty together.

The Cycle ofLife April 16The Cycle ofLife April 16bThe Cycle of Life close-ups

The second performance is on Friday the 22nd at 8 pm. Find out more and buy tickets in the calendar.


very funny rehearsal

Our last rehearsal for “The Cycle of Life” was hilarious, we had a lot of reasons to laugh and giggle. About everything went wrong that can go wrong…I tripped over the tripod legs, stood on my skirt, forgot my lines, had the pictures piled up in the wrong order and felt altogether very different…

interestingly enough… when Lindsay and I watched the footage we were amazed…the way sound, singing, movement, images and poetry flowed into each other was phenomenal. There was a new transparency and delicacy we both entered into…

Cycle of Life .jpg

We were rehearsing the second part… which tends to blow me away every time when I sit down to learn the script to such a degree, that I just get lost in silent contemplation…

This is not like conventional rehearsing…it’s a very living process:

Self Portrait

an image of the Mystery of Light

Self Portrait

the paradox of transformation

in no space timeless oneness of all there is

can you draw my face

upcoming performances: Site Festival Stroud April 2016, details and tickets here

Site Festival, Stroud, April 2016

The Cycle of Life


The Light shines Ceaselessly

performance times, dates, tickets and details can be found in the calendar

“The Cycle of Life

or The Light Shines Ceaselessly…”  – how this performance piece developed

… when I had my son I left the theatre work for sometime to fully be his mother. It was then when I finally found time to concentrate on creating visual artworks in all the in-between times. I never got round to this in an in-depth sort of way, when I was creating multi media performances during my time as associate artist at Oxford House in London.

I didn’t realize at the time that I had actually already started to work on a new performance which would come into being 7 years later.

Selsley common

January 2011

My work always coincides with the integration of the biggest and most fascinating processes of my experience of life.

I kept creating digital montages, whenever I felt moved to make a new piece. One particular one fascinates me, as it has been an image that similar to the performance “The Cycle of Life” developed over several years. The development of this image coincides with the occurrence of understanding that
existence in consciousness is Beauty and Love without a separate entity. The poetry to the images began to manifest since summer 2015, when I also began to feel moved to dance to my images.

“The Cycle of Life” unfolds not by means of “my making”. It would be more accurate to say that all I am doing is allowing it to manifest.


June 2015

Only recently when I completed the montage in memory of my father who died in 2014 I became aware that my photographic work actually describes a process without being a story.


February 2016

when Lindsay and I rehearsed with all the images for the first time, the subtle communications of the piece became clear. There is the mysterious unfolding of birth and the magic and innocence, wonder and utter vulnerability of childhood, there is the questioning of who one really is… there is the attraction into unconditional love, the dissolve beyond separation and the letting go of the bodily experience… which paradoxically never existed as a separate event. And there is the deepest longing to manifest that reality in this world…


rehearsal, March 2016

“if there was such a thing

as an I in time

I would call this the perfect moment”

(This is the poem which will be recited with this image. You can view all images and poems in digital montages and poetry.)

Details on upcoming performances of “The Cycle of Life” can be found the calendar.


Love it through this open door to Me


“an ecstatic conversation for two voices one in being”:

a new experimental exploration, set to footage filmed at the beautiful Selsley Common near Stroud, images interwoven with poetry by Milo Thresher and myself into a contemplative collage exploring a story without a story, an event without an event, the mystery of radiating as love from beyond the world of things…enjoy….!

to my beloved-new video


it was a great joy to create this video… on true Love and Narcissus, with Lindsay Treen’s incredibly beautiful and deeply moving music and Andrew Wood’s stunning and unique sculptures…and an amazing seaside setting for dance film footage…

as a theme I was interested in exploring love as what we all deeply desire…unity…coming home in oneness..and the often subtle and unconscious withdrawal from that we enact…