Study Group Schedule 2024

The Foundation Course Study Group will be open to those who have already studied most of the course on their own, and who have completed a number of one-to-one sessions.

This is a necessary requirement, because the trial year and the study group showed that the transformative energy is significantly magnified in a group context. Your increasing capacity for ‘Embodiment as the One Heart’ creative practice and enquiry outside any type of sessions is absolutely crucial to how beneficial the group study of the Foundation Course can be for you in deepening the process. I will soon be starting to write a course on understanding group dynamics and patterns from the reality of no separation. This course will then become additional study material for the group sessions. Because of the nature of Embodiment as the One Heart, the explorations as one create deeply nurturing friendships and community, but can and will also bring up separative dynamics. Learning how to be with those in powerfully transformative ways is amazingly liberating.

Zoom session will be Thursday evenings 8:00-9:30pm

Module One:

seven sessions: 4th of January- 15th of February

feedback sessions for creative work/integration:

March 8th and 29th

Module Two:

seven sessions: April 4th-May 16th

feedback sessions for creative work/integration May 30th

Module Three:

seven sessions: June 7th-July 18th

feedback sessions for creative work potentially in collaborations, flexible throughout the summer

Module Four:

nine sessions: September 5th-October 31st

Integration for the whole course and final sharing of creative work:

four sessions: November 15th – December 2nd