Application for Spike Island Artist Residency

Hello dear staff from Spike Island: I am looking forward to introducing more of my work to you:

I have accidentally submitted the application without the relevant files apart from the CV, so I am adding them here, sorry for any potential inconvenience of my confusing application!




Video examples:

video excerpts of the live performance at the Vestibules in Bristol October 2022
video excerpts from the Altered Festival
just a simple Open Mic that demonstrates who much I love to engage with people directly

Visual explorations for the exhibition part of the Artist Residency:

As usually I want to play with words and digital photo montages, sometimes the words could be part of the images. I like working with images where beauty just happend like in flaking paint. I also have started to recently experiment with old drawings and paintings of mine. Below you see some digital experiments with these as well. All aspects of the images below are original works of mine, either photographic, drawn or painted and or digitally assembled. All word have been added in photo shop for now. I see the exhibit having images like the ones below as large dye sublimation canvas prints. I also want to play with the whiteness of the walls in the galleries as part of the exhibit, not sure yet how, but I love this as part of the theme of wall-less-ness. So at the moment there is a just the beginning of a wild playground of experimantal work-in-progress:

digital photo montage
a painting and a drawing superimposed
a drawing and a photo superimposed
a photo and a drawing an collage montaged together
naturally occuring shapes on pavement
two drawings superimposed
digital photo montage
a painting superimposed with a flower
a drawing and it’s negative superimposed with a photoand photo
a digital photo montage
a digital photo montage
a digital photo montage

Thank you, this is the end of my application.