The digital photo montages I create can connect you with a profound sense of being and unqualified aliveness and this is the purpose of creating them. I break down the idea of subject and object wherever I can.

All proceeds from any sales support the development of the global One Heart community and new co-creative projects.

“Eva’s work captures for me some essence of the Divine in everything, the great interplay between my own body and the body of the world, and the mysterious fruitfulness of surrendering into that.”- Lindsay Grey, Stroud, UK (owner of two canvas prints)


Below is an example of how I transform a photographic image digitally. I use my own photography for every part of an image. As you can imagine I like to blend different visual elements in such a way that object-subject mentality and the perception of a ‘viewer’ and an ‘item to be viewed’ are somewhat undermined… instead I invite participatory, mind-boggling, melted into non-separation type of participation in the image.



The digital photo montages I make come across beautifully in non-toxic dye-sublimation prints on canvas, the fabric used shows the woven texture which gives the images a painting-like yet luminous and vibrant quality. As the ink goes right into the structure of the fabric, the images are scratch-proof. You can even give them a gentle clean with soap and water and they are UV-proof. I can testify to that, as I have had them hanging in my house for years in sunny rooms without any fading of the colours at all! Also the inks used are non-toxic, and have been tested to be ecologically safe.

canvassample copy

Once you order the prints, I will have them made for you. I will send you confirmation when your order was placed with the printers, which will be within a week of ordering. The printers will then ship the framed canvas print directly to you. They usually take roughly two weeks to fulfill the order. If you have any more questions about the prints, please don’t hesitate to ask.


I am offering every stretched canvas print in two sizes:

40cm x 30cm for £80 and £10 shipping costs within Europe

100cm x 75cm for £180 and £20 shipping costs within Europe

please contact me if you’d like a different size or shipping into a different country


ball                       “Touch The Moon”  2011

infinity_eyes                        “Open Head of just Seeing”  2015

                       “Life Force”  2009

transformation_dragonfly                      “Self-Portrait”  2015

The_perfect_moment                      “The Perfect Moment”  2015

                      “Just Forms Forever Changing”  2010

magical_image_of_woman                     “Melting” 2015

Please enter your order (image title and size) below and I will send you payment details. I am also more than happy to discuss a personal commission!

Thank you!