performance art background

Samples of work from 1998-2015

1998 excerpts of degree show ‘Feel to be the Fact” , University of Brighton (BA hons Dance and Visual Practice), a piece fundamentally created to understand the futility of seeking

2001 excerpts of freely improvised performances, where I humorously explored the recognition of oneness and non-separation set against the questionable qualities of the presumption of separateness

2003 beginnings of explorations of dance as expression of spiritual poetry, a way of relating bodily and directly to the powerful meaning transmitted in these words.

portfolio of collages created with text by and image of Adi Da Samraj

2004 work-in-progress video created during artist’s residency at Oxford House London, going deeper into the exploration of oneness and the sense of separateness. I developed two solo pieces called “The Poodle Badge Jumper and the Mystery” and “The Ultimate Attraction” which were performed at Oxford House and other venues in London.


2005 I was very fortunate to meet the Odissi dancer Sayanthani Dhar and family and felt profoundly inspired by the creation of creative collaborations, which based in the understanding of oneness meant that any form of creative expression can meet and enhance another. The vision of the incredible beauty of creativity expressed in oneness across all cultural differences was born.

2007 participation as dancer and film maker in “The Mummery Book” by Adi Da Samraj, I developed a unique role in the piece, embodying the deeply esoteric elements of the text which did not relate to any of the ‘characters’ on stage, but were expressions of transcendental reality itself


2014 “Prior Unity Happening” in Holland at the European Danda, a durational performance installation in a gallery exhibiting art by Adi Da Samraj, we freely explored Adi Da’s poem “I don’t care anymore to keep silent about it, I have never been born or died” from his poetry collection ‘Crazy Da Must Sing’ in spoken and sung word, movement and stillness as a collective improvised happening

2015 Sacred Music Festival Stroud, a wonderful collaboration with Girish Patel (tabla and recitation) led to the inspiration to write poetry to dance to myself, which has started a new chapter in the creative journey

for more recent creative developments please visit the pages dance-poetry offerings, experimental film and digital photomontages and poetry


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