Introductory Events

Local and online Introductory events will be listed here, when they are available. In the meantime you can also schedule a specific event for a group you are part of, or a one-to-one session.

These are responses to past group sessions of Embodiment as the One Heart.


Here you can watch an Introductory Session that happened on zoom during World Unity Week:


What is an Introductory Session to Embodiment as the One Heart:

I never make a plan. I have no program. This has a reason. What happens in Embodiment as the One Heart is not a method you can teach. It is not an ‘object of teaching’. It is an invitation to commune in the oneness of all there is. I will feel into any particular group and every time the process turns out to be unique to that particular configuration of being and creative diverse expression present. What tends to happen is deeply alive, nurturing, authentic, inquisitive, insightful and profound, yet incredibly simple.

Your active engagement with the session will support the unfolding process, but you can rest assured that you can always choose to sit back and just listen and witness, if you prefer. I do ask for a switched on camera though (if the session is on zoom), because seeing you helps me to feel into suitable ways to inspire the unfolding of any particular session and configuration of people. Thank you for understanding! Looking forward to engaging with whoever will be there. Lots of Love.

Feel free to support introductory events and the creative work of Embodiment as the One Heart with a donation:

Watch some recent examples of “Embodiment as the One Heart” creative expression:

I recently participated in the Altered Festival in Bristol as an ‘Artivist in a Box’ and through these video highlights below you can get more of an impression of what I offer:

Any more questions?