Introductory Zoom Sessions

Introductory sessions will be happening weekly on zoom on

Thursdays at 7-8pm

On the calls with Eva you will be introduced to Embodiment as the One Heart and you can find out more about the Foundation Course and ask questions. There will also be invitations to co-create with the Universal Prayer for Peace.

Embodiment as the One Heart is a universal practice to embody as the Oneness of all of Life through the heart. It is powerful, ecstatic, transformative and makes us aware that the oneness of all of life is already here and is already who we are. Meeting and being creative within this understanding, as well as enquiring into habitual patterns of withdrawal into presumed separateness can bring profound insights and an in-depth understanding of the many challenges human life brings – individually and collectively- and support us in embracing these with Love and creative (mutual) empowerment.

Watch this Introductory Session with Shannon MC Arthur from World Unity Week 2023:

Fully interactive group events with lots of embodied explorations are available for practicing Foundation Course students only, who already have a capacity to practice individually. Once you have decided to go deeper into learning the embodied, creative expression of the reality of no-separation, you will need to begin to develop an in-depth understanding of the patterns of separation also, so the practice can become truly transfomative and liberating over time.

You can also schedule a specific event for a group you are part of, or a one-to-one session. Please contact me to discuss this.