Dear Team at Trinity Community Arts,

here my suggestions for videos for you to see in support of my application for an IGNITE Artists Residency:

A quick hello… in person… I wrote so much… so I kept this brief:


This is not actually a typical performance… but I feel this recitation of one of my poems demonstrates a lot of the passion behind my work:

An improvisation with two participants at a recent “The Indivisible Beauty of the One Heart” event (monthly at the Theosophical Society in Bristol, one of them is a Sufi, the other one has studied with a Spiritual Teacher called Barry Long:

And the last clip is something quite different again, a video inspired by a poem by Saniel Bonder, who collaborated with me on this short film:

There are plenty more videos on my website if you would like to see more. Documentaries of older work are in “performance art background” more current live performances are under “dance-poetry offerings”