“heartivism” stands for the heart + art + activism. It’s a term I have created to attempt to speak up in a heart-based manner, not just about the reality of oneness, but also the consequences of presuming separateness.

In this day and age humanity faces tremendously pressing issues… it is not easy to just live our life with the potential of human extinction and global disasters of unimaginable magnitude hanging over our heads. I feel heart-broken and it would be so easy to slip into terrible despair about the state of the world. My sense is though, that it is necessary that we feel the pain of the horrendous world we humans have indeed created. Only when we really look ourselves in the eye without masks we will be able to come up with the tremendous amount of creativity we will need to turn the destiny of humanity around in truly positive and life-protecting ways.

The first time I explored bringing “heartivism” into the arena of a political demonstration I was nervous! Standing infront of 400 people with a microphone was not my comfort zone exactly. Yet the response was incredibly positive:


From the reality of the heart this is not a question of sitting in different political camps, having different points of views.  If you see the earth and indeed the cosmos as an extension of your own body, you won’t keep cutting your own finger so to speak as it hurts very much. The heart sees all processes appearing within life itself. From a disposition of oneness of all there is we can act and interact completely differently as the retreats of the “Embodiment of the Conscious Heart” are demonstrating so clearly. We’ll just know what is right and lawful and which actions we need to take. It is a stark contrast… one moment it seems impossible to change the world and in the next the change already happens with an ease that is utterly beautiful.

My creative work is to create awareness of this evolutionary potential that lies in humanity. The poem and image below from November 2018 is another way to explore oneness:

A heart-full poem on gardening and on protecting the earth:

have you seen the very
very green
when it
shines and glows with exquisite aliveness
do you get lost, Self portrait2absorbed
in the magical beauty of the fragility of flowers

and incredible presence of trees   how alive they are
how sentient they are
how conscious they are
how do they know
how to grow
how do they know
how magical is the richness of soil in which they root

and rise
how alive is soil
how sentient is soil
how conscious is soil
how magical our bodies
how alive they are
how sentient they are
how conscious they are
how they will vanish
back into being soil
with ease
as if they have never been
just transformed
into food for
the next flower
to be its
magical transient
You are that
beauty of that flower and all flowers to come
in all aliveness
deeply sentient
and of consciousness
just the same
how could you not
love and protect yourself
as all of life as all of consciousness