Global Community

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After exploring One Heart evolutionary experiential spaces with participants in Terry Patten’s “New Republic of the Heart” for nine month it became very clear that heart intimacy and profoundly transformational meetings are completely possible online. And it doesn’t matter where we live. The vision became bigger and bigger, and I can now see how we can create this web of one-heart-beauty all around the planet supporting humanity’s healing and transformation.

Being deeply sensitized to how the narcissistic pattern has a grip on the world, I feel the urgency more and more to get together and support humanity’s shift into it’s potential to be the Light. I have now built a One Heart Mighty Network Community that invites anyone who feels moved to participate and that allows us to evolve together as one in unprecedented ways. It is open for new one heart explorers to join.

In the Mighty Network you find a wealth of educational resources and you can attend a number of regular co-creational zoom sessions.

Embodiment as the One Heart on Mighty Networks!