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The vision for the One Heart Community

The community is currently going through a phase of redevelopment. Since 1919 a small group of people began to explore the expression of the oneness of all there is on zoom.

The group has been working together on the Caravan of Unity project and recently some participants joined the trial foundation course which is still in development.

It became clear in the process to be able to align the creative expression as a group to non-separation new structures and frameworks needed to be developed.

The Foundation Course will be a preparatory requirement to join a creative community practice space especially suited for people who want to explore co-creative collaborative projects based on the communication of no separation or the oneness of all there is.

Below you can explore some impressions of One Heart gatherings and smaller meet-ups from the time where some of us met in free-flow sessions, before the development of the course started to refine ‘Embodiment as the One Heart’ and the communication of what it is in more detail.

A session that ended up exploring the tangible possibility to give and receive love even just on zoom:

A fun consideration of embodiment and a blue sofa:

A meditation that evolved from a session considering how many parts of us we tend to hide:

Excerpts of a unique session for World Unity Week, that was based on the Universal Prayer for Peace. this session happened in the Connection Field.

Some excerpts of a one-to-one session with the currently youngest participant in the One Heart community:

To join us, please contact us here:

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