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Please fill out the contact form below, if you are interested in joining the One Heart Mighty Network and/or if you want to meet the community in a ‘Co-creative One Heart Meeting in Truth’ on zoom. 

The network is run on the basis of voluntary donations and funding and is very much a space where everyone gives and receives. It is for those of us who really want to deepen in the creative expression of universal oneness embodied through the heart, whilst being most authentically your unique self. We meet up weekly for an organic co-creative exploration founded in the creative expression of no separation at 8pm UK-time.

Below you can explore some impressions of One Heart gatherings or smaller meet-ups to get more of a feel for what we do.

As a group we considered to not post whole sessions online. This is because the spaces we meet in feel very safe and as every session unfolds organically, they sometimes become very personal. This wouldn’t happen if sessions would be made public or even just be shared within the community. This is why I have started to just edit universally significant highlights from different sessions, so it allows you to get a feel for the type of processes we engage in. Every session you may attend is unique in the way it unfolds adding the richness of the diverse creative expression of all participants present.

A session that ended up exploring the tangible possibility to give and receive love even just on zoom:

A fun consideration of embodiment and a blue sofa:

A meditation that evolved from a session considering how many parts of us we tend to hide:

Excerpts of a unique session for World Unity Week, that was based on the Universal Prayer for Peace. this session happened in the Connection Field.

Some excerpts of a one-to-one session with the currently youngest participant in the One Heart community:

To join us, please contact us here:

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