Foundation Course

‘The Embodiment as the One Heart’ Foundation course will be a rich journey into life itself as one and also support us in learning how and when we withdraw from it.

It includes many beautiful videos and articles. It will show us how to align spoken word to the oneness of all there is as well as the body and its movements. It will look deeper into the habitual mechanisms of separateness and also consider how the Heart becomes an embodied reality whilst being totally universal simultaneously.

The foundation course will be launched at the end of May 2021.

You will be able to buy it for self study only (in your own time) at £250.

But you can also add one-to-one sessions with Eva Millauer to deepen the embodied learning.

A minimum package of four zoom sessions (1 1/2 hours) alongside the course study is recommended. (Cost: £300)

A package of 8 zoom sessions will allow for more depth to be explored. (Cost £550)

I will offer three scholarships where the session package is charged at half prize in exchange for the opportunity to make some of the sessions’ material into new learning material. (You will be able to choose which parts will be used).

If you would like to be considered for one of these reduced rate scholarships, please get in touch and we arrange a meeting on zoom see how we resonate as working partners.