Festival Proposals

Infinite Heart Dance

Finally a recording of Jonah (Archelon Ecstatic Dance DJ) and me experimenting together. We started playing with the Universal Prayer for Peace. We are imagining this could beginning process could develop into sharing recitations, free vocals, the use of live instruments etc. I presume that Roxy the cockatiel is not planning to attend the festival, but he clearly enjoyed the vibes.

This is a rehearsal soundtrack from an event called ‘Infinite Heart Dance’ that was meant to happen monthly and then was ended by the various lock downs. I collaborated with the DJ Patrick Flint who then moved away. In the meantime new collaborations are emerging, and I will be working with Archelon Ecstatic Dance DJ (Jonah Haywards) at the Journey to the One Festival. Below the soundtrack you can find responses to the orignal event at the time.

Responses to the Original Live Infinite Heart Dance at Adona Bristol

Embodiment as the One Heart – Introductory Events

These sessions are experiential and spoken word and movement based, I do not film the workshops, to keep people in safe and confidential space, but these open mics will give you an idea.

This last video was recorded after Marie and Silvia experimented with the same poem as above in a one-to-two session at my home.

Below various responses from people at different evolutionary phases of Embodiment as the One Heart events: