dance eva millauer

“The beauty of Eva’s dance form goes beyond the physical into a deep place of peace and heartfelt understanding.”

Sue Bharati Edgley, Stroud, UK



“Eva’s art comes from her passion to invite the seer to see, to see beyond into the mystery of magical_image_of_womanknowing by not knowing, taking the seer into the living quality that is Now.”

Miles R. Thresher, Bristol, UK

woman_and_nature_meditative“Eva’s work captures for me some essence of the Divine in everything, the great interplay between my own body and the body of the world, and the mysterious fruitfulness of surrendering into that.”

Lindsay Grey, Stroud, UK

“Watching Eva interpret profound texts through her dance is to uncover new depths to humanity’s desire for the Divine. Through her remarkably skillful, yet free-spirited movements we catch a glimpse of a more beautiful world – a world where the Divine and all who flow from that Source are one. It is a profoundly hopeful experience.”

Rev Simon Howell, Team Vicar, Pioneer Minister & Inter faith Adviser, based in Stroud, UK

responses to the exhibit and live performance ( impressions on you tube) at 35 Chapel Walk in  Sheffield: 

in Awe Sheffield7web


Beautiful, transcendent connections with image, sound, body, words -awe-some in the deepest sense. Thank you.

Ric Stott, Founder of 35 Chapel Walk, Sheffield

Eva…artist, poet and philosopher, who danced under the moon and reflects the sunlight into the shadows of the night.

Aidan Pinsent, Musician and Collaborator

Eva’s performance really transformed the space of the gallery, creating a fully immersivein Awe Sheffield3 experience for the audience, which brought her photomontages to life with spoken word poetry and graceful movement along with Aidan Pinsent’s accompanying interpretive music. Eva completely and wholly engaged the audience in the performance, pulling them into the ethereal and emotionally charged world that she created. General feedback from viewers was that they found the performance beautiful and challenging, with some almost being moved to tears. In the wider context the performance, artwork and poetry create existential questions about the beauty of life, and our place in the universe.

Becky Gee & Liz Dickinson
Independent Curators of Contemporary Art
Sheffield, UK.