The Happiness of Co-Creational Film Making

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The global film-project “A Universal Prayer for Peace” is currently rapidly expanding, it’s openness for creativity to unfold freely without the restriction of having to fit one film makers vision is adding hugely to the powerful communication of the potential for human freedom.

Apart from people being invited to send in their own footage from anywhere in the world, I also offer some local filming sessions to anyone who wants to participate. Every session starts with the question “What do you feel moved to do?” And so the film unfolds and evolves and certainly and evidently creates significant amounts of unmeasurable shared happiness. Everyone feels the beauty of the gift of exploring One Heart embodied. This brief clip has originally been created for a collage of 1 min clips of people’s different ways around the world to celebrate International Peace Day on the 21st of September in London. Hence the very short glimpse of an impression.

th-5We are meeting for a Oneness celebration for International Peace Day with filming for this project in Bristol UK, The Theosophical Society, 14 Tyndall’s Park Rd, BS8 1PY on the 21st of September from 2pm-6pm. And I get to try out my exciting new external mic for my camera…