Co-Creative Call-Outs

The Caravan of Unity

The Caravan of Unity 2020 is coming up from September 1st to September 21st, culminating in a big celebration for International Day of Peace on the 21st of September.

“Embodiment as the One Heart” will participate with a co-creative artistic  invocation project based on this “Universal Prayer for Peace”:UPfP

Here is the poem as a word document: Universal Prayer for Peace

There are two call-outs for participation:

First part of the project:

A global web of invoking unity

We are looking for 19 people from as many different countries as possible who will read the poem and send over as a video. Every day (starting after the opening day Sep.1st) of the Caravan of Unity another video contribution will be posted on the Caravan of Unity media page, that Facebook Group and the Instagram Page of the Caravan of Unity. You are invited to read it in English or in your own language, on your own, or share the recitation with a group of people. You can dance, enact or sing it, add music, add lines or simply read it. Any creative interpretation is welcome.

You are free to do some video editing if you like, but a single frame video is just as welcome. It does not have to be “professional”, but it doesn’t matter if it is. It is perefctly fine to shoot the video on your phone, if you do use a phone, please film horizontally! If you use zoom you can also make a zoom recording. I am happy to support you with this. I can even meet you on zoom and make a recording directly onto my computer, if it would be the easiest for you to work that way.

We are looking for any type of authentic expression in all diversity and in simple human terms. Most of all we want you to enjoy the process and we are looking to spread the poem and its resonance across planet earth, as a way to support the healing of humanity.

The ideal deadline for video contributions is 29th of August so there is enough time for the background tech to happen in time for the start of the Caravan of Unity. If the videos came in bit by bit not all last minute, that would be very helpful!

Please make sure that you are the copyright owner of all parts of your video and that there are no people in it that haven’t given their permission to be included.

Please send your videos to via We Transfer.

Second part of the project:

An immersive global embodied oneness gathering

We will come together in a zoom session on the last day of the Caravan of Unity (International Peace Day 21st of September) and co-create the poem in an immersive virtual space. Some of us will prepare the presentation of the poem together, while others may join us to witness the occasion and there will be simple invitations to participate for everyone.

This means that you can choose a line of the poem and play with it creatively. The more diverse the expression, the more powerful the occasion is likely to be. There are no restrictions to what you can do, we want to see and feel your authentic creative voice.

Creative practice sessions will happen weekly during August, zoom session times will be announced shortly.

If you have any questions, want some help with creative brainstorming and/or want to sign up to either the first or second part of the project or to both, please contact Eva at or call her on 0044 7791 968989 to be included in the creative team.

Below some inspirational videos that may get your imagination going:

This experimental film was created in 2019, everyone was free to offer to the project what they felt moved to offer, it was beautiful to work with the material as every contribution found its obvious place in this colourful collage:

For World Unity Week we themed the weekly session of Embodiment as the One Heart in the Connection Field co-created by Good of the Whole on the Universal Prayer of Peace: Rosie is a nine year old girl who regularily practices “Embodiment as the One Heart”. We played with her favourite line of the poem and interpreted it further in words and movement. Rosie has given a big yea to taking part in the Caravan of Unity as well! And this is just one example of where a creative consideration could take you.

This presentation was part of Terrence Pattern’s A New Republic of the Heart in 2019. We shared the recitation of the “Universal Prayer for Peace” amongst six people, this gives you an idea what that can feel like on zoom, and may be you can begin to imagine how beautiful it could be when the creative expressions involve song and dance, musical instruments, creative play… or even a creative dialogue across several zoom screens of collaborators etc in gallery view.

Here another example of how the Universal Prayer for Peace can come to life. This beautiful family recitation occurred at a wedding in New Zealand. It was wonderful to sense how the poem and it’s resonance ‘in oneness of all there is’ had travelled from the UK to the other side of the planet.

And at last this one minute clip was created as part of a collage of 1min videos related to International Peace Day 2019 and was part of the call-out for the Universal Prayer for Peace co-creational film project and shown at the main celebration in London. And yes since then a lot has happened and yes co-creational ways of working can expand infintely!

Let’s envision a global web of “one love and one heart”.

Let’s make it happen! Are you in?

WOW! Thank you so much to everyone who has responded so far… and thanks so much to Julian Baller and Katie Mottram from Co-create Europe for their heartfelt support and keep on coming with your beautiful voices of one heart and one humanity:

Here is the current list of the work-in-co-creative-process contributers, with deep gratitude to you all for bringing embodied Oneness to live, it has been wonderful to meet, to connect, to consider ideas… Lots of Love to you all!

Wazee Walks – will contribute an amazing norwegian version of the Universal Prayer For Peace, possibly with drumming and dancing IN PROGRESS

Marco Antonio Robledo – A Spanish recitation of the poem COMPLETE

Lena Leszczyc – a heartfelt polish version, possibly with harp and elements of song

Driti Prasad – an ecstatic version possibly in Hindi, possibly with Yoga

Amanda Tarren – a powerful version in sign language IN PROGRESS

Alice Rudd – a passionate version of the poem from the USA

Ligia Splendore – a magnificent Portuguese version from Brazil – COMPLETE

Jaqueline Clemons – marvellous contributions to be confirmed

Nicola Kelly – an exquisite contribution including sound healing ALMOST COMPLETE

Alistair Cran and Adrienne Calder – beautiful contributions from New Zealand to be confirmed

Rosie and Joey Elliott – a wonderful version of the poem in Welsh

Salina Masih – a beautiful Punjabi version of the poem is in progress

Carmen Kubitz – an amazing collage of beautiful artwork and the poem- ALMOST COMPLETE

Dewan Zohaib on behalf of a beautiful group of Peace Ambassadors based in Pakistan – a beautiful version of the poem, potentially involving different religious groups and/or a version of the poem in Urdu       IN PROGRESS

Kazi Ayaz Mahesar – A dialogue of two poems, a collaboration ALMOST COMPLETE

Hanne Scov and Mikkel Anderson – a beautiful musical version of the poem from Denmark

Samorah Yeboah – a poet and video artist – a wonderful video contribution

Samantha Forrest – a lovely French version of the poem

Sharon Makhmour – a video contribution from Canada in consideration IN PROGRESS

Gloria Dall’Arche – a beautiful video art piece possibly in multiple languages

Silke Mansholt – an artistic German version of the poem IN PROGRESS

Helen Su – an amazing movement piece to the poem with some words in Mandarin or Cantonese IN PROGRESS

Jerome Calyster – a beautiful flute-movement-poem immersive piece       IN PROGRESS

Zhivko Stoilov – a Bulgarian version of the poem   IN PROGRESS

Lee Ann Fortunato Heltzel – a painting a poem and a meditation IN PRROGRESS

lots of exciting creativity is brewing, contact Eva Millauer now if you want to participate:

0044 7791968989