A contemplative video inspired by Saniel Bonder’s beautiful poem “Presence” which I came across on Facebook one day. In gratitude to him for  the collaboration on this film and to everyone who made it possible. The footage used was filmed in the wonderful Randwick Woods near Stroud in Summer 2016.

Love it through this open door to Me


“an ecstatic conversation for two voices one in being”:

a new experimental exploration, set to footage filmed at the beautiful Selsley Common near Stroud, images interwoven with poetry by Milo Thresher and myself into a contemplative collage exploring a story without a story, an event without an event, the mystery of radiating as love from beyond the world of things…enjoy….!

to my beloved-new video


it was a great joy to create this video… on true Love and Narcissus, with Lindsay Treen’s incredibly beautiful and deeply moving music and Andrew Wood’s stunning and unique sculptures…and an amazing seaside setting for dance film footage…

as a theme I was interested in exploring love as what we all deeply desire…unity…coming home in oneness..and the often subtle and unconscious withdrawal from that we enact…