Caravan of Unity

Originally the “One Heart Co-Creative Celebration of A Universal Prayer for Peace” was part of the Caravan of Unity, an online gathering organised by ‘Co-Creating Europe’ from September 1st – Sep 21st. We had daily uploads of different interpretations of “The Universal Prayer of Peace” by Eva Millauer for 19 days and over half of them in different languages.

The project is open to new contributions. You can find the details on the call-out page.

Here are some lovely impressions of a sharing session for participants of the original process of daily uploads during the Caravan of Unity in September 2020:

Contributions already made:

First upload after the original series of videos for the Caravan of Unity:

The global One Heart community project has emerged from a series of experimental zoom sessions. The idea is to gather based in recognition that all of life is one and the intuition that there is an enormous creative and healing potential in humanity when it begins to embody as that one.
The video is brought to you by twelve participants who felt the call for this particular project They were at the time based in New Zealand, the US, Wales and the UK. It was a delightful process to co-create this immersive zoom space version of the Universal Prayer for Peace for the Caravan of Unity.
The doors are open to consider more expansive plans for global cross-continental film projects based in oneness including zoom recordings, individual filming, art, dance and poetry. Should you feel moved to join the Embodiment as the One Heart Community, it is currently reconfiguring around the practice of the newly Foundation Course. Please follow or subscribe to my website for updates.

1st daily upload Sep 2nd:

Lee Ann Fortunato Heltzel is a Meta artist. She channels beautiful qualities of being, like joy and peace into her paintings. She teaches us how to meditate with these images and how to allow a conversation to emerge between the transmission of the paintings and the meditating viewer. Lee and Eva were keen to explore how the Universal Prayer for Peace communicating embodied oneness – as a verbal communication – can be complemented with the visual vibrations of her painting ‘Peace’. We felt this collaboration is a lovely opening for this video series as it gives space to meet very personally with the resonance of peace and the beauty of embodied oneness. Enjoy this collaborative experimental meditation and we would love to hear how it worked for you.
For further information or to commission a work of art contact Lee Ann via

2nd daily upload Sep 3rd:

Marco ‘accidentally’ showed up in a team meeting for the project on zoom and Julian had the great idea to ask him if he wanted to participate in and he did! He translated the poem into Spanish and sent us this beautiful and heartfelt recitation.
Marco is an evolutionary and integral explorer, writer and speaker. The title of his new book is: “3D Management, an Integral Theory for Organisations in the Vanguard of Evolution” published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

3rd daily upload Sep 4th:

This beautiful video was created by Samora Yeboah for the Universal Prayer for Peace daily upload for the Caravan of Unity 2020. Samora is a poet, lyricist and artist who grew up in Norfolk and is of Ghanain and English heritage. His work embodies the metaphysical and the sublime. His passion for poetry – using words to bridge the gap between the tangible and the intangible has been a life long love affair. His interests are yoga and esoteric philosphy. Mystery origins the world over are what inspires his writing and unique style of self-expression.
You can buy his collection of poetry “Tales from the Serpents Mouth” here.
And check out his beautiful You Tube channel Metamorphosis.

4th daily upload Sep 5th:

Lena is a singer with an incredibly beautiful voice and also an accomplished musician. She translated the Universal Prayer for Peace into Polish and created this absolutely beautiful musical interpretation for us. She studies Sound Healing and Sound Therapy with
Lena is the leader of a women’s singing circle with Eastern European Harmonies in Bristol. You find her workshops here:

5th daily upload Sep 6th:

Carmen Kubitz is a transcendental artist based in Germany. Eva orginally met her on a community zoom call with Humanity’s Team. The two connected with a sense they may collaborate at some point. When this project came into being, Eva immediately asked Carmen if she wanted to be involved. She did! Eva and Carmen have developed such a beautiful deep connection since working together. She said she felt as if she had always made these images for the Universal Prayer for Peace, before she even knew of it.
To find out more about her incredibly moving and deeply touching photographic work visit: The beautiful music is by

6th daily upload Sep 7th:

Eva and Silke met over 20 years ago at Brighton University where they both studied Visual and Performance Art. There always was a sense of deep connection. Silke very much questions all identities societal norms want to place on us, including the one of being a performance artist. She is deeply moved to explore in-depth spiritual reality in everything she does and is.
Eva was keen to involve Silke in this project and was delighted that she contributed such a phenomenally beautiful and touching video based on her translation of the poem into German.
Find out more about her work on

7th daily upload Sep 8th:

Sharon Makhmour is an ecstatic writer and full of beautiful creative self-expression, she sent a bunch of beautiful, colorful and very playful video clips and Eva greatly enjoyed editing these into this very unique expression of her. This is what she wants to share about herself:
Hello all relatives,
I am just Sharon. No one, not any one specific. Just a mare humble radicle/particle circumambulating this vast universe. Happy go lucky. Have hopes and dreams like everyone else, even all creatures big and small. I don’t quite understand how, when, why, who, what, where I have been before how I got here. I am here now. Life understands though. Life understands me quite well and knows more of me than I know of myself. Was there really a past, I honor, and validate, acknowledge, all that had happened to me. Then had completely surrendered to the Universe, in humility and submission. As I am now, couldn’t do on my own any longer. The pain, trials, tribulations, tests, difficulties, suffering, hurt torment, cruelty, torture, persecutions, horror, had encapsulated me from birth to just a few months ago. Life is so short, just a twinkle of an eye. And it’s over, so suddenly as I had come into being. I actually feel humbled by my life’s experience, no resentment, or unhappiness, instead I feel joy, bliss, contentment, love for all, everyone, everything combined. Still wounded, fragile, injured, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, scarred. But not broken. Thank you Eva for allowing me this opportunity to do this video, which I tremendously enjoyed doing. A loving shout out, to my sister Suzie for her patience, and tolerance with me as her responsibility was quite large, videotaping all scenes. I am writing a memoir of my life, I have poetry to publish, I wish to have a movie made of my life, still so much work to do to fulfill my destiny, my calling. As my life has been written in the stars already. My story, book, movie etc………God only knows, what comes next……… steps, to take. As I recover and heal. One Love, One Love to all. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I will in turn for you. Peace, Love, Joy, Unity, Justice, Harmony for all, and everything. God Bless.

8th daily upload Sep 9th:

The Peace Ambassadors of Pakistan and Eva found each other on Facebook. They are a beautiful group of people supporting positive Interfaith relations between the many religious groups in Pakistan: Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Christians to list the main ones. They also support children’s education in slums just to mention another aspect of the beautiful work they do. Rahila translated the Universal Prayer for Peace into Urdu and Honey wrote the song. Zohaib was instrumental in the co-creation of this beautiful contribution in which altogether 10 Peace Ambassadors were involved.

9th daily upload Sep 10th:

Ayaz and Eva connected through their love for poetry of the heart on Facebook. Ayaz describes himself as a humble off-road mystic, prefereing to keep a low profile. Eva had the idea to create a poetic dance between one of Ayaz’s poems and ‘The Universal Prayer for Peace’. This co-creative cross-continental collaboration dancing as one heart in Bristol and Karachi simultaneously was beautifully woven together by Sundara’s music. She specifically improvised to the final edit of the film.
To read more of Ayaz’s poetry, visit:

10th daily upload Sep 11th:

Ligia and Suely are both involved in the Brazilian branch of the Caravan of Unity. Suely is a therapist, and loves writing poetry and taking photographs . Ligia and her translated the poem into Portuguese and Suely recited it beautifully and sent stunning photographs from her home country alongside the soundtrack. Eva turned the photos into a slide show to go along with it. So this is another joyful cross-continental collaboration.

11th daily upload:

Nicola Kelly has found the Universal Prayer for Peace project’s call-out and felt moved to contribute. She is qualified as a sound therapist through the British Academy of Sound Therapy and uses sound as a tool for self-reflection, well-being and relaxation. Nicola began her career as a youth and community worker specialising in arts and well-being. The aim of Nicola’s work is to facilitate a safe space for people to reconnect with their inner roots, rhythm and wisdom. To find out more about her amazing work visit her website:
You can also connect with her via her beautiful and co-creative compassion challenge:

12th daily upload:

Roseanna or Rosie as her friends call her is the youngest member of the global online One Heart Community and she lives in Wales. She is 9 years old and Eva and her have enjoyed regular One Heart one-to-one sessions on zoom. Rosie also takes part in immersive zoom spaces with the adults. She has a very natural understanding of oneness and the mystery of life. Eva wanted to know once in a session if people ever asked her who she really was, and she laughed and said: “no, they just ask for my name!”
If you have a child that shows a movement to creative expression of embodied oneness get in touch. It would be wonderful to grow a global children’s group in the online One Heart Community and obviously, more adults from all around the world are very welcome to join us, too.
Roseanna’s grandmother sent us the beautiful recitation of the Universal Prayer for Peace in Welsh.

13th daily upload:

Hanne and Eva have met quiet a few years ago and a possibility of working together seemed always
a potential, so Eva reached out to her for this project. They live in Denmark. Hanne is a phenomenal vocalist with a huge talent for improvisation and Mikkel is an exquisite solo guitarist.
Find out more about them here: and
Enjoy this beautiful improvisation.

14th daily upload:

Wazee Walks, who is a spiritual mentor and of Senegalese and Norwegian ethnicity met Eva in Bristol via the studio he founded “Adona Centre of Evolutionary Arts” before the Covid 19 lockdown. He also participates in the online One Heart Community. As soon as this project unfolded he offered to translate the poem inNorwegian. Eva then met Frida on a Caravan of Unity onboarding call. Frida and her friends met with Wazee in Oslo to collaborate on this beautiful film.

15th daily upload:

Alistair and Adrienne are based in New Zealand. Eva met both in the online community ‘A New Republic of the Heart’ and quickly found a common understanding in oneness consciousness. Alistair’s support has been fundamental in building the ‘Embodiment as the One Heart’ zoom groups, the online One Heart Community -which he now co-hosts- and the co-creative Universal Prayer for Peace film that was made in 2019. Alistair writes beautiful Healing Books and promotes a Global Day of Love. Adrienne and him are bnoth very active in the One Heart Community.
You can find them via his facebook page:
When Adrienne and him married some of their dear family members brought the Universal Prayer for Peace to their wedding ceremony. At some point Eva had a delightfully funny rehearsal video in her mailbox. She loved playing with the juxtaposition of unedited playfulness and the serene presentation of the poem during the wedding. Time for giggles and laughter and playfull open heartness from as far away from Europe as physically possible.

16th daily upload:

Eva met Helene originally by attending one of her lovely and unique dance courses in Stroud, UK. Helene participated in last year’s co-creative Universal Prayer for Peace film. Her family originated from Hong Kong and she translated the Prayer into Cantonese.
Dance is Helene’s passion and has been a pivotal and transformative influence in her life. Over a lifetime of study, and teaching over the last 20 years, she has created her own unique movement practice to inspire, empower, support and give freedom. Music, art, laughter and creative play are important elements that she weaves into her unique program that is informed by classical dance, yoga, martial arts and somatics. She has danced at events all over the world in teh last 30 years.
A new pilot course is being launched October 2020.
For further information and to enrol contact

17th daily upload:

Eva and Samantha met in Bristol, after Eva first moved there via mutual friends and have been friends since. Samanatha is a healer, a writer, an artist and lover of nature. She knows so much and teaches so many different subjects and speaks so many different languages and has so many talents that Eva is contantly in awe of her… she created this beautifully poetic film for us in French. To find out more about her visist httsp:// and you can find her on Instagam under @jsamanthaforrest.

18th daily upload:

Being in the facilitator role in this amazing project was an enormous gift and totally inspired Eva to explore the Universal Prayer for Peace in the context of her own creative and spiritual journey and to contribute a piece to the co-creative magical totality of contributions. As a teenager she was often bored at school. Being in a very liberal Grammar School in Germany she was allowed to pull her sketch book out in most lessons. Her English teacher even said she could have paints and brushes on her desk during the lessons in exchange for one of the images at the end of the school year. As you see, she still learned English well enough… interestingly enough separation and oneness was a strong underlying theme for Eva in these times and also in art prep school that she attended before strudying Fine Art at University. In hindsight she loves these images as they were just what came without being too tainted by what happens to be seen as art at any given time in human history.
Originally Eva had two ideas to make one video just with the art work and the poem and then there was to be a collaboartion with Jerome Calyster, who is an incredibly accomplished musician in Delhi. The dance footage in this film is from an attempt to collaborate on zoom, where Jerome is playing flute and Eva dances and recites the Universal Prayer for Peace in response. Due to a technical mistake on Eva’s side the footage wasn’t usable in this context, but Jerome’s presence and Eva’s response to his invocation of deep being at heart has very much supported this film invisibly. Jerome and Eva will have another go at collaborating on their idea soon. In the meantime you can enjoy Jerome’s music, here:
Eva is also especially grateful to Linsay Treen, who gave permission to edit this film to her immesnly beautiful musical piece called ‘Heart to Heart’. You can buy the song here:

You are welcome to create your own video of ‘The Universal Prayer for Peace’.
For details on how to participate visit the co-creative call-outs page.