This is your opportunity…

to take part in a very unique film project:

I had the great pleasure and honor to meet Muneera Pilgrim to consider ways to collaborate and we decided to act on our ideas straight away!

Please watch this short introductory video and then download the Universal Prayer for Peace if you want to participate. The document you will download is a docx file if you have problems with the file, you can find it here as a pop-up page.

The original deadline of the 15th of August 2019 was turned into a preliminary th-5deadline for a taster version of the film as the project was invited to be distributed to many world-wide organizations promoting World-Peace via ‘Coalitions for Peace’ and ‘Peace one Day’ beginning of September and will also be shown during an online presentation in the online community ‘A New Republic of the Heart’ with Terry Patten on August 28th. Deepest gratitude for all the incredible support! Every contribution is such a gift!

The final deadline for contributions to the  full version of the film will be October 31st!

However, if you would like to contribute something after the deadline, this will be possible, if you arrange your timing with me, I am aware that there are a number of contributions still in their evolution, and I would like to give them the time they need. I am aware that this project is a sensitive and sometimes very powerful process for all participants. Working with the “one pain” section of the poem in the recent two months has been a very beautiful,touching, but also intense process so far. I am now planning to start editing after the 15th of November.

It is quite possible that this first full film of this poem will be just one version of it, and that there will be many more to come!

Here is the taster film that I have put together after the deadline of the 15th of August passed, it was so much joy to put together:

It is free to participate, but donations no matter how small or large, are very appreciated, your gift of participation though is more important than if you can support the project financially in any way at all.

You can donate here

Practical instructions to consider for  your filming process:

Be creative! Be experimental!

If you think what you filmed isn’t good enough send it anyway!

Ask yourself how can we work with film in a way that we draw the viewer into an experience of oneness? Drop into your body, feel into the oneness of all there is, be ecstatic, real, soft, funny, fierce, fast or slow and most of all authentic! Sing the words, speak the words, be operatic or rap them! Be ballet, or breakdance… sit silently and speak or play an instrument alongside the spoken word, film yourself from unusual angles or turn the camera whilst filming… play! Enjoy!

Important! Please make sure there are (ideally) several  seconds of film before and after you speak, you may even want to start with an empty screen and then move into the picture and out of it again at the end (going back to empty screen). Movement at the beginning and end of an edit helps to create a smooth flow and it is ideal if you can give me lots of choices… i.e. edit from stillness or movement…

You can also send a sound clip, but please record musical sound or nature sound etc separately from the spoken word, because I need to be able to adjust lots of different sound levels in the final edit.

You can also send a video clip without any sound or spoken word just expressing the spirit of the poem.

You can film in nature or indoors and you can get together with your friends, groups or family or create something on your own. Keep it natural and simple, but make sure lighting is good.

It is enough to work with one or two lines, but you are not limited to that. Please also feel free to add your own lines in the spirit of oneness, one line added so far for instance was “one song of life”. Alternatively you offer lines in your own language. Or you can respond  completely freely to the theme as Gloria and Annie did, contributing the “Angel of Peace” and the Acapella song “I am a Circle”.

On a practical note, please film horizontally if you use a phone and small external microphones (with wind breakers) are really useful to get better sound!

Feel free to send a video statement on why you are participating along as well, as we will make a documentary alongside the actual video.

Also in terms of image quality sometimes wobbly images and odd bits of film can turn into treasure, so don’t just send the neat and tidy bits of footage. I will be playing with overlays and mirroring and amazing visuals can occur in unexpected ways.

It is however important that the sound quality is the best you can make it and the words are well spoken (sung) and can be well heard as images can be played with, but sound quality can only be improved to a limited degree.

If you haven’t got a lot of time feel free to just add something really simple and short, because it is the power of the many of us that will make the difference! Even if you just say the word “one” into a phone and send that to me, it’ll be great. Also I will do my best to literally include elements of every bit of footage that comes in, but please understand that I can not give a guarantee for that.

If you are a film maker or theatre maker, or dancer or photographer or singer or choir leader and felt moved to (co-)create an artistic performance  or film version of this “Universal Prayer for Peace” by yourself or within your groups, please feel free to come forward, I am always open to consider new creative ideas! It’s all possible. This is an open creative opportunity in the Light of a One Heart Community, that is free to expand infinitely. Thanks so much for considering to take part.

When you are ready:

Please send the footage or sound clips (please give the clip your name so it is easy to refer back to it’s source) via


Please add your full name (for the credits) and contact details (in case we have any creative questions) in the message and tell us your reasons for participating.

We also need your explicit permission for your footage to be used for the film project  “A Universal Prayer for Peace” free of charge. We reserve copyright just for the finished and  edited version of the film, not the footage you send us. By sending us footage you will give Eva Millauer on behalf of One Heart Co-creations permission to distribute the finished film online, send it to film festivals and create other opportunities where it can be viewed. Should this film win a prize or similar in the future, any possible proceeds will be put towards new creative work in the spirit of one humanity as one heart. There is a possibility that the project may evolve into multi media with live performance events and several films. I will keep a list with all email addresses of all participants and ask you for new permissions if needed in the expanding creative process. Alternatively you can choose to give permission to One Heart Co-Creations to use your footage for any  co-creative project in the future if you wish.

Thanks so much for your participation.
We are looking forward to receiving your contribution.

If you have any other questions or suggestions or are interested to attend a film meet up in Bristol or Stroud  please contact us, we will then send you details.