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“Embodiment of the Conscious Heart”

Introductory events:


16th March – South Wales Wellness Show, Cardiff

27th April – Gloucester Body Mind Spirit Festival

6th July -Cheltenham Body Mind Spirit Festival

Full 4 hour creative retreats:

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All Bristol retreats coming up:



16th December


27th January

17th February

24th March

28th April

11th May

29th June

all retreats from 2-6pm at the Theosophical Society in Bristol, 14 Tyndall’s Park Rd, Bristol BS8 1PY, UK

All Stroud retreats coming up: 42378206_10156464146140926_6915240630411067392_n


6th January

3rd February

3rd March

7th April

all retreats from 2-6pm at the Centre for Science and Art, 13 Lansdown,  Stroud BS5 1BB


Creative self-enquiry… spontaneous poetry… free movement… indivisible oneness… heart-fullness… deep stillness… profound connection… playful humour… conscious comedy… elements of sound and music…ecstatic expression all around and all the way through…



  • This retreat is a beautiful and profound opportunity to explore creative expression as a tool to open into free being. There really is no word for this, but my preference is to call it the Heart, the reality in which the sense of separation falls away and all-pervading Love in its purest is realised as the true nature of all there is. The process in these events will occur organically as I feel into what everyone brings into the room.
  • There will be space to share creative offerings.  Anyone who feels moved to can share their creative expression of the most profound beauty they are sensing and knowing off in this present moment in time. You can bring instruments, poetry, dance, read something, it doesn’t have to be your own writing… you can engage in any way in in creative expression of the heart that comes naturally to you.
  • There will be creative explorations that may bring about a possible opening of our individual bodies as well as our collective body into heart energy. Does that make sense? You probably know that what I am talking about is not really measurable in words…
  • There may also be space for experimentations to see how we can transform individual offerings into collaborations.

It will be a very organic process, and not necessarily happen in the order as described above.

If you don’t feel ready to make an offering at this moment in time, but feel moved to join us and be part of this process and find out more about it, I am keen to find a way to explore with you what works for you, and you may find that the process is easier than you can currently imagine. So don’t let any shyness or self-consciousness stop you… we’ll embrace it all wholeheartedly.

I can’t wait to see you there

In that heart nurturing place


that is no place

where Love

meets as Love

and Infinity pervades every cell of the body

and all limits, all ideas, all presumptions and conceptions

are dissolved in Light


Tickets are £20 if booked online ahead of time and £15/£10 concession. Please choose the ticket you can afford. At the door the full fee will be £25 and £18 concessionary rate. I am grateful for any online bookings that are not last minute… as I bring a snack for everyone for the tea break!

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A number of responses from participants in these organically emerging, mutually empowering, creative heart intelligence exploring gatherings:

An improvisation at one of the retreats:

previous events:

“Ecstatic Expression of Oneness in Spoken Word, Visual Art and Dance”

This will be a colorful presThe-Perfect-Moment-textentation on the creative adventure I have embarked on since I have been a child… looking back into my childhood, some things start to make sense now, that I had no idea about before. So there will be visual materials, short films, some revelatory and some funny stories from my life  and also some demonstration of the profound passion that moves me.  The expression of Oneness instead of separation. On the left you see one of my photo montages with one of my poems integrated into the image.

10th of July at the Theosophical Society in Bristol, 14 Tyndall’s Park Rd, Bristol BS8 1PY, UK, 7:30 -9pm, free event,no booking required

May 27th 2pm-6pm 


This is neither just a live performance, or a retreat, or a meditation or a satsang, or a workshop or a playshop or whatever you want to call it…. as it doesn’t fit into any of these genres… but has elements of any of the above….so let’s call this a Happening…. a process that can evolve as we go along, is playful, profound, humorous, self-reflective, creative, still, and most of all happy… happy beyond reason.

My role is primarily to hold the space for you to explore the deepest into the reality of non-separation you want to go. There will be moments of witnessing and moments for silence, spaces for questions and spaces for creative explorations – in your own unique way. Sometimes I may feel moved to offer a spontaneously emerging danced poem in the context of what has arisen in the room.

It will be a playful, humorous, loving, highly alive, intimate and intuitive process, sometimes challenging may be, possibly surprising, but anything that comes up along the way will be warmly embraced without judgement.

The fee for this happening is £40, you can pay at the door, but please message me and reserve a space if you really intend to come as it is helpful to know about numbers.

If you can not afford £40 you are welcome to pay a smaller fee. Please message if that’s the case, or with any questions you may have.

Bring your favorite teabags and may be a snack for the break.


St Werburgh’s Primary School
66 James Street, BS2 9US Bristol, United Kingdom

 April 2nd 10am-2pm


Stoke Bishop Village Hall, Stoke Bishop Bristol BS9 1EX

Inspired by a recent living room event this morning will start with a spontaneously evolving dance-poetry offering which I will let emerge in response to you… you can witness, share what you feel about what you are seeing and ask questions or bring forward themes, before we begin to create together.

Somehow this event doesn’t fit into any classic genres… partly it is performance, partly workshop, retreat, satsang… I will allow the morning to develop by what is brought into the space. The best name to give it is probably ‘A Happening’.

Also you really are absolutely free to donate as little or much as you can or want to contribute to this event.



Past events from 2017

March 8th 2017: dance-poetry offering as a contribution to the “Satellite of Love”:


 Past events from 2016

Cycle of Life


Live Performance 

11/11  7:00 pm:

“The Cycle of Life or The Light Shines Ceaselessly”- a collaboration with Lindsay Treen.

A uniquely immersive and contemplative celebration of the oneness of all there is through dance-movement, spoken word/poetry, a beautiful singing voice, musical elements and visual art.

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below a video excerpt from the rehearsals for the piece originally developed for the Site Festival in Stroud:



20/11       10am-5pm:

“Exploring Unconditional Love as Performance Art and Unconditional Performance Art as Love” also at the Isbourne Foundation in Cheltenham

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below a video clip describing a bit about the ways of working I am intrigued to explore in live performance and workshops:


previous events 2016:

APRIL 2016: Site Festival Stroud

The Cycle of Life or The Light Shines Ceaselessly

A Live Performance by Eva Millauer (digital photo montages, poetry, dance and recitation) and Lindsay Treen (intuitive singing and instrumental sounds playing singing bowls, monochord, xylophone, ocean drum and other instruments)

Lindsay_and_Eva_Site_Festival… a contemplative and invocatory celebration of human experience through immersive digital photo montages, spoken word/poetry, dance, movement, stillness and beautiful sounds, musical elements and a wonderful singing voice. There is no story to hold onto, but the sense of the totality of existence. There is no separate point of view to be entertained, but the focus is on the lesson of love as a primary, mysterious purpose of existence. It is a meditation fully engaging all senses, and becomes most powerful in response to whoever wishes to meet in the beauty beyond all forms and identity…

Lindsay and I met through IDEA (the International Directory Evolutionary artists, which she founded), and we have greatly enjoyed working with each other on this collaboration. You are invited after the performance (which will last approx 1hour) to share your experience of (and response to) this occasion and you are welcome to ask questions.

MAY 2016:

Stroud Open Studios

7/8 May and 14/15 May 11- 4 pm

IMG_3208 (1).jpg

JUNE 2016:

02/06 and 03/06 Colourfest, Dorset, UK

durational dance-poetry offerings and dialogue

03-05/06 Wadsley Arts Festival, Sheffield

Exhibition of several digital montages and a live performance of poetry to the exhibit with the musician Aidan Pinsent


20/06  poetry-dance offering of a Universal Prayer of Peace, St Laurence Church, collaboration with Simon Howell and Lindsay Treen

23-24/06 workshops at the Lupton House Holistic Festival


JULY 2016

09/07     Dance-poetry offering at the Steve Ford Intensive in Henley