Become A student of the online study-only Foundation Course

The course contains four modules, containing a written discourse, which is interspersed with plenty of video material, some of which are exclusive to this course, and not available elsewhere online, and there are three beautiful sound files, too.

There are plenty of suggestions for practice you can do at home and on your own too.

These are the modules you will receive access to:

Below you can listen to me reading the very beginning of the course:

Terms and Conditions:

Once you bought the Foundation Course, it is for your personal study only. You will have unlimited access to the course, as it is important to me that you can engage in the study in your own time. The fee you paid does not cover any one-to-one sessions nor participation in the zoom study group and can not be refunded. Studying this Foundation Course does not qualify you to be a teacher of ‘Embodiment as the One Heart’. Specific Teacher Training is in planning.

I reserve the right to add to the course or to refine parts over time. The more feedback I will have from students, the more ideas of how to enhance this course are likely to develop. The study of this course can initiate ecstatic processes of expansion in being and challenging phases of enquiry. At times it may be incredibly helpful or necessary to seek therapeutic support or other approaches to healing trauma for instance alongside the process, as “Embodiment as the One Heart” never claims to have all the answers. I myself often engage in inspiring courses of various kinds as different perspectives tend to bring new clarity. I can not make any prediction of how the study of this course will affect you, nor how long you will take to study it, as we are all unique.

I can recommend from experience with my group of trial students that the exploration tends to deepen significantly if you choose to engage in one-to-one and later group sessions in regular intervals or one at a time, depending on what works better with the way you learn. I generally would recommend a minimum of one or two one-to-one sessions per course module. But the amount of sessions you choose are entirely up to you and you can book them as you need them, if you want to add them to your learning process. Students who have developed a stable individual practice via one-to-one sessions, (sometimes you need just a few) can then deepen their practice by joining a mutually empowering study group on zoom. Often it is useful to meet one-to-one also. I envision that at some point there will be several facilitators for the Foundation Course study to choose from. It would not feel healthy for me in the long run for the process to be centered around ‘myself’.

I also recommend that you consider the Enrollement and integration Questionnaire below as part of your preparation carefully, even if you are not planning to participate in one-to-one sessions.

If you are interested in the course and have still some questions, we can also first have a conversation (on zoom or on the phone). If you can not afford any of the course fees, we can consider an option that works for you. Proceeds go into growing the work of ‘Embodiment as the one Heart’.