Arts Council Application

Please feel free to look into these videos of any of the creative developments of the recent four years. Thank you! I am going backwards in time, down the page.

I have just completed a wonderful artists residency at the Vestibules with ArtSpace LifeSpace in Bristol. This is a video of impressions of the live performance aspect of the immersive creative space. I ended up creating an exhibition of digital photo montages and prints of drawings and paintings with poetry and objects that turned into props during the performance
The Altered Festival, participating as an artist in the box, the Galleries, Bristol, 2022
just a simple open mic night improvisation 2022

A zoom live performance of the Universal Prayer for Peace with video projection of drawings and paintings from my teens and early twenties
A global zoom-collaboration of ‘the Universal Prayer for Peace’ created during the pandemic for an online convergence with Co-creating Europe 2020, in which 18 versions of the poem (many of them translated into various languages) were created by various artists from various cultural backgrounds
A universal prayer for peace, a co-creative film following a global online call-out, completed December 2019, shown at the Global Peace Film Festival 2020