“The natural expression of the body is ecstatic oneness with all there is.” – Eva Millauer


These last few years have been incredible fascinating, exploring the beautiful process of embodiment as One in creative expression with beautiful people in Stroud and Bristol and at other UK events. It has been wonderful to learn to trust one’s not knowing, just allowing every participant to find their unique way of being and doing so without a fixed programme. There is an organic aliveness that emerges, an intelligence at work that leads us all into exquisite beauty at the end of any retreat, in different ways every time.

I then joined Terry Patten’s social experiment “A New Republic of the Heart” where I met beautiful people and learned that heart intimacy can be very tangible across continents, even when you have never met someone before. Feeling that I began to explore working with groups on zoom and it has been beyond ecstatic, what was meant to be just an experiment turned into an ongoing fortnightly meeting.

In the past decade my position in life felt often like I was going against all odds, against the grain and at times I felt very alone with it. I was always wishing for this group of people that would just embody oneness together in creative performances. I was imagining the process to be actually quite small and local.
Now regularly engaging in meetings on zoom my desire to reach more people faster increased significantly, which lead to the idea of the film project “A Universal Prayer for Peace”, through which I begun to meet so many more people and literally world-wide.

I always tell people to drop their boxes… ha! What about my own? My small-minded idea of dancing oneness in one place? Now I am envisioning a network of oneness creatives all across the planet, weaving a web of the heart.

I feel there is more and more readiness in people to shine as expressions of the heart of oneness consciousness. We have never been separate and more and more people just know.

Let’s give that truth a voice, collectively as one so we can begin to establish true human integrity with all of life and live in peace and harmony with one another, the earth world and all its inhabitants through “The Universal Prayer for Peace” and many more co-creative projects of the one heart. With Love and gratitude, Eva Millauer


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