“Embodiment of the Conscious Heart”

-creative retreats with Eva Millauer

next date in Bristol: October 23rd 2018

next date in Stroud: November 4th 2018

More info in upcoming events


The creative vision:

The oneness of all there is is already there. It already is you, it already is me. What happens when we embody as fullness, as non-separation, as unconditional love, and how can creative expression be of service in this process?

That is what I have been exploring and am exploring and will be exploring as long as I physically can in this body assisted by visuals, words and movement. I have done it for a long time on my own and also with wonderful and inspiring people… and it has been mind-blowing, magical, profound and yes challenging, too, but challenging in a very good way.

You may call me an artist, or a performer or both, but I am not terribly interested in just exhibiting my work, nor am I craving an audience that looks at me, no.

I am not easy to please… or you could say I am extremely easy to please… what I truly treasure is when I can be of assistance in opening a new door for you into the creative embodiment of the wonders of who we are. And to truly meet you there is the most delightful gift to me.

I don’t know any greater joy than sharing the beauty of who and what and how we can be.

My vision is ultimately for all of humanity to come together as one, as non-separate, as cooperative, as tolerant and as love. I am looking for those who want to share exploring the real possibility of this process  through the power of creativity in and as embodiments of the indivisible beauty of the one heart of all.


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