“The Cycle of Life

or The Light Shines Ceaselessly…”  – how this performance piece developed

… when I had my son I left the theatre work for sometime to fully be his mother. It was then when I finally found time to concentrate on creating visual artworks in all the in-between times. I never got round to this in an in-depth sort of way, when I was creating multi media performances during my time as associate artist at Oxford House in London.

I didn’t realize at the time that I had actually already started to work on a new performance which would come into being 7 years later.

Selsley common

January 2011

My work always coincides with the integration of the biggest and most fascinating processes of my experience of life.

I kept creating digital montages, whenever I felt moved to make a new piece. One particular one fascinates me, as it has been an image that similar to the performance “The Cycle of Life” developed over several years. The development of this image coincides with the occurrence of understanding that
existence in consciousness is Beauty and Love without a separate entity. The poetry to the images began to manifest since summer 2015, when I also began to feel moved to dance to my images.

“The Cycle of Life” unfolds not by means of “my making”. It would be more accurate to say that all I am doing is allowing it to manifest.


June 2015

Only recently when I completed the montage in memory of my father who died in 2014 I became aware that my photographic work actually describes a process without being a story.


February 2016

when Lindsay and I rehearsed with all the images for the first time, the subtle communications of the piece became clear. There is the mysterious unfolding of birth and the magic and innocence, wonder and utter vulnerability of childhood, there is the questioning of who one really is… there is the attraction into unconditional love, the dissolve beyond separation and the letting go of the bodily experience… which paradoxically never existed as a separate event. And there is the deepest longing to manifest that reality in this world…


rehearsal, March 2016

“if there was such a thing

as an I in time

I would call this the perfect moment”

(This is the poem which will be recited with this image. You can view all images and poems in digital montages and poetry.)

Details on upcoming performances of “The Cycle of Life” can be found the calendar.


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