Dolores the Buddha rabbit

Dolores died a couple of days ago. she died the most sudden unexpected death. She was approximately six years old. Being totally her usual self, she suddenly fell on her side, had some sort of seizure, screamed twice and left the body…it took about five seconds. And she was already as good as gone when I placed my hands on her. All the warning I had was a funny feeling for a few days… so I was observing her lots for any indication of disease. But she was happy and eating… I always had an intuition that she would leave before her partner Richard and images would come into my head about what she would look like dead and how sad I would be when she died.  And there was an incidence the day before where I suddenly thanked her for everything and told her how much I loved her.

Today I want to write about her, because it pains me to see how we humans so often treat animals as if they had no rights, no feelings, and didn’t matter. As if they were just a commercial product like a plant pot.

In the photo below you see Richard saying good-bye to his love. It is my impression that in fact animals feel more. They feel more deeply than people as they do not have shields of thought and protections of presumption to stop them from feeling. Animals are so healing to people as they are deep, they are contemplatives, they can connect us with who we really are. It took Richard at least twelve hours of coming to terms with Dolores dying until he was ready to go to her and express his love and sadness.


Dolores came from a rescue center and was a teacher for all of us. She taught our domineering and fearful rabbit Richard that love is bigger, she taught me that love is bigger. She taught me that love is always bigger than fear. Love is always bigger than anger… She had an amazing stillness about her and presence. That’s why I called her Buddha Dolores sometimes. She always accepted any circumstance with ease and equanimity. She just spread peace. She was kind. she didn’t seem to have an awful lot of reason to be in a body apart form teaching everyone around her the rules of love and stillness, may be she had done what she had come for, and hence left so swiftly… slipping with ease into the other world she always had a strong connection with anyway.


Her big love will always be in my heart.

Thank you Dolores for everything, you were a real gift and blessing in our lives.

And what is her last lesson: the inconsolability of the heart. We can not hold onto anything. We can not keep anything, that means something to us. We can only treasure the beings we love and care for them with the broken heart of knowing that there is no way we can stop them from leaving whenever they will… they will leave and we will too.

There is no point in consolidating into the idea of a separate entity, which ultimately only looses and is made extinct…

Only in the oneness of all there is Love begins to truly make sense…and is free.

Beyond space and time Dolores has always been, is always and will always be.

And this is the essence of all.


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